Entertainment NewsExciting Details Emerge about the Upcoming 28 Years Later Trilogy

Exciting Details Emerge about the Upcoming 28 Years Later Trilogy


Key Takeaways:
* Trilogy to revive the 28 Days Later franchise is in the works.
* Danny Boyle and Alex Garland are collaborating on the project.
* The first of the three films will begin in 2025.
* Directors including Nia DaCosta will helm the sequels.
* Both Jodie Comer and are rumoured to be in talks for lead .
* The trilogy caught the attention of Warner Bros. and Sony in a bidding war for distribution rights.
* Sony emerged as winners in the distribution bid.

Intense Anticipation Surrounds Boyle and Garland's Trilogy

Seventeen years after the release of 28 Days Later and its 28 Weeks Later, a new trilogy aptly titled 28 Years Later is in development. Die-hard fans of the thrilling saga who have been hoping for a sequel called 28 Months Later will instead experience the revival of this gripping franchise. The original of 28 Days Later, Danny Boyle, is set to helm the trilogy alongside screenwriter Alex Garland, promising to make the long wait worth every minute.

Revival: How it All Came About

The possibility of a new addition to the 28 Days Later franchise has been rumored since 2009 when Paul Andrew Williams was slated to direct 28 Months Later. However, the project didn't go into production, leaving fans in anticipation. Over the years, speculations arose occasionally when Boyle and Garland hinted at the possibilities of the sequel. In a 2022 interview, Boyle revealed that the script, penned by Garland, was complete, conferring hope to fans that the much-anticipated sequel might finally be on the cards.

An official announcement about the planned sequel, now called 28 Years Later, came in 2023 after a candid conversation revealed this information on the Inverse platform. Garland shared how a brilliant idea for the sequel had sprung up in his mind. Boyle expressed his keen interest in the project, ensuring they were engaged in serious discussions about it.

The Changing Of The Guard: New Directors

Expectations are high with Alex Garland scripting all three movies in the 28 Years Later franchise. Danny Boyle is currently set to direct the first only, and the directorship of the second film, possibly named 28 Years Later Part 2, will be passed on to Nia DaCosta, who is renowned for her work on The Marvels and Candyman. The filmmakers prioritized having the subsequent directors aligned with the story arc before the kickoff of the first film.

Return of Key Figures: Cillian Murphy

The potential return of Cillian Murphy, who played a pivotal role in 28 Days Later, is a gripping storyline in itself. Murphy portrayed Jim, a bicycle courier who woke up from a coma to find himself in a post-apocalyptic England overrun with rage virus-infected people. The character's survival opened the doors for his possible return in the trilogy. Although no official has been made, Murphy has expressed his interest in reprising the role.

A Stellar Cast

Further casting specifics have started to trickle in. Jodie Comer of Killing Eve and Sons of Anarchy's Charlie Hunnam are rumored to be in talks for the lead roles. Comer's inclusion in the cast has been confirmed by , and other big names such as and Ralph Fiennes have also been unveiled. Recently, the addition of Jack O'Connell in a supporting role has created a buzz, with predictions of his character taking a lead role in future films circulating.

Winners of the Bidding War

In an intense competition for distribution rights, Sony beat Warner Bros. in the end. Each movie's budget stands around $60 million, highlighting the high stakes that went into negotiation. Sony brought a unique edge to the bidding war given its history with Boyle.

Looking Forward

The long-awaited revival of the 28 Days Later franchise is seen as a huge development in the cinematography world. With a fresh take on an enthralling storyline, the new 28 Years Later trilogy promises to deliver an electrifying experience to audiences across the globe.


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