Entertainment NewsElon Musk's X Application Accused of Slowing Access to Competing Websites

Elon Musk’s X Application Accused of Slowing Access to Competing Websites


X, formerly recognized as , has come under scrutiny for allegedly impeding access to competitors and organizations that has expressed public disapproval of.

The affected websites encompass Meta, , Threads, Bluesky, Substack, Reuters, , . These platforms have been singled out for measures that deliberately prolong the loading times of links clicked within X, causing delays of up to five seconds.

This throttling practice has also inadvertently affected t.co, X's link-shortening service, leading to a noticeable slowdown. It is essential to acknowledge that this system empowers X to reroute traffic, granting it the ability to throttle rival platforms and potentially influence revenue.

While this revelation could be troubling news for Musk's adversaries, recent indications suggest that X has initiated efforts to mitigate the waiting period and the alleged throttling actions. Although five seconds may seem trivial, enterprises commonly invest substantial resources into optimizing loading times due to its critical role in retaining web traffic.

Currently, neither Musk nor any has issued a public statement regarding this issue.

Shifting gears to other technological developments, is in the process of creating an AI-driven content moderation system utilizing the capabilities of GPT-4.

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