Entertainment NewsElizabeth Banks Expresses Interest in Directing 'Cocaine Bear' Sequel

Elizabeth Banks Expresses Interest in Directing ‘Cocaine Bear’ Sequel


In a recent conversation with Rolling Stone, renowned , and actress Elizabeth Banks revealed her enthusiasm for potentially helming a sequel to ‘Cocaine Bear.' 

The film's premise revolves around a massive black bear that inadvertently consumes a substantial amount of cocaine and embarks on a wild drug-induced frenzy in a forest.

Banks genuinely admired the project, praising its subversive, crazy, and humorous nature. The unexpected cast choices, such as 70-year-old Margo Martindale delivering a surprising twist, added to the film's enjoyment. The director expressed her desire to recreate the delight of the unexpected audience and herself, making it clear that she would eagerly embrace the opportunity if given the chance.

The accomplished filmmaker aimed to prove her versatility through directing projects like ‘ Perfect 2' and ‘Charlie's Angels.' ‘Cocaine Bear' allowed her to on a big, fun, action-packed genre film resonating well with her diverse directing interests and acting career.

When everyone was locked away during the pandemic, the project came to Banks, delivering a sense of fun that resonated with her. The film also carried a poignant message about humanity's responsibility in nature's decline, striking a chord on multiple levels for the director.

In addition to ‘Cocaine Bear,' Banks discussed her latest project, ‘The Beanie Bubble,' which delves into the Beanie Baby phenomenon that captivated America during the 1990s and early 2000s. She observed a growing trend of nostalgia-driven projects, evident in her work and AppleTV+'s ‘Tetris' and Greta Gerwig's ‘Barbie.' Filmmakers are revisiting and celebrating elements that defined their formative years.

Addressing a past rumor, Banks clarified that she never pitched Marvel to direct ‘: Ragnarok,' despite her admiration for the character. However, she expressed her willingness to direct a superhero film if presented with an exemplary surface and a compelling concept, affirming her openness to diverse filmmaking .

Elizabeth Banks' passion for storytelling across various genres shines through, and eagerly await her future endeavors, hoping to witness her unique vision again come to life on the big screen.

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