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Disney ’ X-Men ’97 Seasons 2 and 3: Everything We Know So Far


Key Takeaways:
– Disney Plus’ X-Men ’97 will continue for seasons 2 and 3.
– Taylor Newton Stewart from The Newton Brothers duo will compose music for X-Men ’97 season 2.
– Three voice actors from season 1 will return for season 2.
– X-Men ’97 is deeply connected to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Marvel Studios has confirmed seasons 2 and 3 for the highly successful Disney Plus show, X-Men ’97. This announcement follows the acclaim and viewership captured by the show’s first season, enabling it to establish its mark in Marvel’s record-breaking spree.

Popular Music Makers Return for Season 2

Interestingly, two of the show’s critical contributors from season 1 are slated to make a comeback in season 2. Taylor Newton Stewart, one-half of The Newton Brothers duo, confirmed their return in an exclusive interview with The Direct. Their quality music in the season 1 has been well received by fans longing for a similar experience in upcoming seasons. Though they haven’t begun producing for the next season, Stewart is already aware of certain second season’s plotlines and is excitedly awaiting the process.

Narrating the music creation process for X-Men ’97 season 1, Stewart revealed how the team makes multiple versions of songs to ensure the best one makes it to the show. The team took utmost care and diligence to prevent messing up the music. The pressure of working on a renowned show was clearly inherent in the creation process.

Season 2 to See Return of Major Actors

Screenrant reveals that three voice-actors from season 1: Cal Dodd (Wolverine), Lenore Zann (Rogue), and Lawrence Bayne (X-Cutioner), have confirmed their participation in season 2. While we can anticipate the return of most voice actors from season 1, it is also expected that some actors from the original X-Men: The Animated Series will lend their voices to characters in the continuation series. A case in point is Cal Dodd who voiced Wolverine in both the original and the new series.

Certain actors from the original show have been assigned new roles for X-Men ’97. For example, Chris Potter who voiced Gambit in the old series is now slated as the voice behind Cable in the new series.

Enthralling Connection to the MCU

X-Men ’97 has established a deep connection with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, adding to the viewers’ delight. This connection was evident when the show referenced a heart-wrenching scene from Avengers: Infinity War featuring Scarlet Witch, which moved the fans to tears.

X-Men ’97 Director Curbs Fan Expectations for Cassandra Nova’s Role

The X-Men ’97 episode 5 cliffhanger, recently released on Disney+, has created a wave of anticipation among fans. Marvel’s beloved mutant heroes return in a series that broadly matches the iconic status of the original 90s cartoon. The mid-season cliffhanger finale, though, has raised questions and catapulted fan expectations to a whole new level.

However, the plot twist that shook the audience turned out to be a clever ruse, instigating further anticipation. Jake Castorena, the show’s director, masterfully handled this twist, leaving the fans in a state of suspense while simultaneously dampening their high expectations.

X-Men ’97: Mid-Season Finale and Fan Theories

After five phenomenal episodes, Disney’s X-Men ’97 has catapulted Marvel’s most incredible mutants back into the limelight. Never before have these superheroes been shown with such power and potential, a feat that even the live-action films struggled to achieve. With every new episode, the show establishes its credit as a prominent achievement in the modern comic era.

The mid-season cliffhanger teases the arrival of Cassandra Nova, one of the most formidable villains in the X-Men universe. However, contrary to what fans were expecting, it wasn’t Nova after all. Jake Castorena, head director of X-Men ’97, in a recent interview with Inverse, urged fans to moderate their expectations. He stated, “I wouldn’t get my hopes up for Cassandra Nova being a huge villain in our show. But what I will say is, I don’t think people will be disappointed with our choices.”

Post-Episode 5: Questions Left Unanswered

After the explosive Episode 5, the question among viewers was why the much-anticipated debut of Cassandra Nova didn’t pan out. The notorious villain’s absence did not derail the show’s progress, promising more captivating plots, with or without Nova.

Why Cassandra Nova would have mattered in X-Men ’97

Cassandra Nova, acclaimed for her role as Charles Xavier’s wicked twin, is known to wreak havoc with her powers. In X-Men ’97, her chaos was anticipated in the form of a Sentinel attack on the mutant island nation of Genosha.

This storyline is a direct adaptation from the E Is for Extinction arc in the New X-Men comics by Grant Morrison. Nova was responsible for countless deaths in this comic arc, but the show ditches her as the chief villain, choosing humans to launch the war against mutants instead.

Cassandra Nova, due to feature as the major villain in the forthcoming Deadpool & Wolverine, got only a passing nod in X-Men ’97. As fans grapple with the unfulfilled promise of seeing Nova, they expect to see her in action in Deadpool 3, offering a much-anticipated character arc.

While X-Men ’97 continues to capture the attention of fans worldwide on Disney+, viewers eagerly await the premiere of Deadpool & Wolverine in theaters on July 26, 2024. As the story unfolds, focusing on the synergy between the series and the comics while predicting future plot twists, will be interesting to examine.

Looking Forward

Disney Plus has successfully extended its viewers’ nostalgic engagement with X-Men ’97 by confirming the show for seasons 2 and 3. Fans are thrilled on hearing the return of the beloved voice actors and the talented Newton Brothers duo for the upcoming seasons. Forming a crucial part of childhood memories for many, the show appears set to ride on the wave of its roaring success through its upcoming seasons. The potential tie-ins with the broader MCU only make this anticipation more exciting.

X-Men ’97’s season 1 is currently streaming on Disney Plus. Stay tuned for more updates on seasons 2 and 3 as they roll in.

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