Disney World Security Guards Tell All: 'We were told to watch black customers'

Several new lawsuits call into question how Disney World teaches and treat their employees and it doesn't look too good.

Disney World security workers are suing the theme park after they were told to treat certain races with "suspicion". The employees also said they were discriminated against because of race and religion. According to reports, Nabil Boromi, a Muslim, said Arabic customers were to be followed. However, he was fired for using a cellphone at work, even though fellow co-workers did as well. Disney World Accident Katherine Welles / Daily Mail also reports that Camelia Joseph alleged that a white man was given a job over her even though the applicant had less education and experience.

Two security workers have filed lawsuits against Disney World, claiming they were subjected to racial and religious discrimination.

Moroccan Muslim Nabil Boromi, who worked in the Florida theme park as a plain clothes operative, claims Arabic patrons were treated with greater suspicion whenever they entered the park

According to his lawsuit he was also told to watch black customers when on duty because they had 'committed a lot of retail thefts'.

Camelia Joseph, a black Haitian woman, alleges that a white man with less experience and education was hired as emergency worker over here in 2010. [Daily Mail]

In response to these law suits, Disney has insisted that the cases are "baseless" and without merit". But, last week a Sikh mail delivery man won a discrimination case against Disney. He said that he had restricted routes so visitors wouldn't see his turban and beard. Discuss this story with fellow Project Casting fans on Facebook. On Twitter, follow us at @projectcasting.