Disney+ aAcquires ‘Mobile 101, a Nokia Story’ Series

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Disney+ and Walter Presents are thrilled to announce the acquisition of 'Mobile 101: a Nokia Story series'.

This captivating show delves into how mobile phones have changed people's lives - from their invention in 1984 up until today. With this new addition, viewers can explore an exciting journey through two decades worth of technological advancements!

Disney+ and Walter Presents have procured the rights to Maarit Lalli's Mobile 101, a Nokia Story in multiple countries, as reported by Variety.

Unfolding the story of Nokia's rise and fall, this six-part series dives into its evolution from rubber boots to becoming a leading phone company. Nokia's lawyers, engineers, and executive management are portrayed by Sampo Sarkola, Kristo Salminen, Rafael Edholm Aku Sipola, Satu-Tuuli Karhu Emil Kihlström Adam Bond Jonathan Harboe, and Carmen Gloria Pérez – each uniquely narrating their perspective on the journey.

Rabbit Films created Mobile 101, a Nokia Story that was initially requested by MTV3 Finland and CMore for Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. When it premiered last year, it was met with critical and commercial praise. Disney+ further increased its success by securing distribution rights for Italy, Netherlands, and Belgium, while Walter Presents took over in the UK and Ireland.

“We are delighted to announce this first round of international sales of ‘Mobile 101’ and to bring this quintessentially Finnish story to audiences outside of the Nordics,” In a statement Jonathan Tuovinen, the president of international operations at Rabbit Films, declared. “We all grew up with a Nokia mobile phone, so this unique series has resonated with buyers, and we hope that audiences worldwide will be entertained and informed by this amazing nostalgia-evoking series.”

“Sharp writing, strong performances by a brilliant ensemble cast, and gorgeous direction and photography make this a delicious treat for all lovers of great, subtitled drama,” Walter Iuzzolino of the acclaimed Walter Presents has been added.

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