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DC Fans Spot Favoritism: Praise for George Miller’s ‘Justice League’ Over Zack Snyder’s Original Idea


Key Takeaways:
• Zack Snyder's original concept for DC's Justice League involved portraying Gods as Kryptonians, an idea that was rejected by WB.
• George Miller has voiced a similar philosophy recently which surprisingly is being welcomed, causing frustration among Snyder's fans who notice the double standard.
• Miller, who was initially tapped to direct a -action Justice League film, faced project shutdown due to budget and delay issues.
• Fans of are hopeful of seeing Snyder's vision realized as the universe undergoes a revamp.

Behind The Scenes Drama of Zack Snyder's ‘Justice League'


Over its , DC's Justice League has consistently remained a point of debates and conversations. This is due in large part to the tumultuous occurrences that took place on set during its . In the past, a group of individuals once trolled Zack Snyder for his original vision of the Justice League but the scenario has a surprising turn. These critics now find themselves in awe of George Miller for embracing a concept akin to Snyder's initial idea.

Zack Snyder's Rejected Idea League


The shape-shifting events surrounding DC's Justice League is likely to etch itself into cinematic history. Zack Snyder's association with WB's cinematic universe, his exit, and subsequent return to deliver a Snyder Cut as per fan demand all fed into the film's backstage controversy. Snyder's ambitious plans for the film didn't resonate with fans nor were they greenlighted by WB. One such plan involved showing Zeus and the other Gods as Kryptonians, with Ares accountable for the scouting ship crash alluded to in Man of Steel.

Snyder wanted to humanize these super creatures, a concept, however, which WB was afraid would disrupt the traditional mythology of the Greek Gods and Superman's origins, potentially impacting future narratives. The idea was subsequently scrapped within the canon universe.

Favoritism Towards George Miller's Idea for Justice League


Flash forward years later, as George Miller, during a promotional interview for Furiosa, tantalizes fans by hinting at a concept somewhat similar to Snyder's. This new shared concept has led to supporters of Snyder highlighting the obvious double standard, critiquing the contradictory reactions to the ideas of Snyder and Miller.

In 2007, a live-action Justice League movie was in the pipeline at Warner Bros, with George Miller lined up to direct. Yet, due to budget constraints and production delays, the project was shelved. Now, the director has spilled previously undisclosed details about the shelved project in a recent interview with Josh Horowitz. The director showed his fascination with the of myth and ancient tales, noting how they have evolved and seeped into modern zeitgeist, revealing an alignment with Snyder's initial concept.

This has sparked a series of reactions from fans, with many pointing out the hypocrisy of those applauding Miller's identical concept while criticizing Snyder's. This has left Snyder supporters discontent, longing to witness his vision someday come to .

As DC undergoes a significant revamp, fans are eagerly anticipating a similar Greek God-driven concept for the Justice League, an idea that Snyder initially proposed. Despite not being realized in his time, it still manages to create a stir among DC followers .

Justice League is currently available to stream on Max.


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