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Coronavirus: Georgia to Reopen Businesses This Friday


Georgia Gov. announced on the state's plan to reopen the state, which includes theaters to as early as next week following Coronavirus stay-at-home orders.

According to MarketWatch, Georgia's timeline is “one of the most aggressive in the nation”. The plan to reopen the government will allow gyms, salons, and tattoo parlors to reopen as on gas the businesses follow strict social-distancing and hygiene requirements. Movie theaters may start selling tickets, and restaurants will be limited to takeout orders that could return to limited in-house eating service.

However, nightclubs, bars, and performance will remain closed.

Republican Gov. Brian Kemp said businesses shut down due to the Coronavirus COVID pandemic need to a chance to start making money.

Brian Kemp
Atlanta, Georgia/U.S.A – March 13th, 2019: Georgia Governor Brian Kemp visits and speaks at a African American church about political issues – Image (Andrew van Tilborgh / Shutterstock.com)

“I think this is the right approach at the right time,” Kemp said. “We're not just throwing the keys back to these business owners. We're talking about people the government shut down their business.”

“The bottom line is, social distancing worked,” state Public Health Commissioner Kathleen Toomey told a handful of reporters after Kemp's news conference.

Georgia National Guard will start deploying teams to nursing homes and long-term rehabilitation facilities for conducting 1,500 Coronavirus COVID-19 tests per day.

“Testing defines the battlefield and informs our long-term strategy,” Kemp said. “These efforts significantly increase our capacity as we take measured steps forward.”

Gov. Kemp's announcement comes after President Donald Trump and protestors called for a lift of stay-at-home orders.

In related news, a new report revealed Hollywood does not expect filming to return until September.

The article continues by explaining new protocols that producers will add to address the amid the Coronavirus, including contracts identifying companies in case you get sick from the Coronavirus during production.

“You acknowledge you are going into a high-density area, and while we will make our best effort to protect you, nothing is failsafe, and if you contract COVID-19, we are not liable,” said a source involved drawing up these guidelines told Deadline. “There is no other way we can think of to address this. If you don't want to sign, don't take the job.”

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