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Comedy Central has Announced Stephen Colbert’s Replacement


Comedy Central has finally found a replacement for .

After Stephen Colbert announced that he will be filling David Letterman's spot, there were terror tantrums, complaints, and mass over who would fill Colbert's spot.

According to reports, Comedy Central searched through the of correspondents on to find a for the post-Daily show 11:30 PM news slot.

The network would choose The Daily Show's Senior Black corespondent, Larry Willmore, to host a new nightly program called The

The new series is set to launch in January , following the end of The Colbert Report. 

Willmore is also attached to the ABC comedy series, “Black-ish” as the series show runner.

Larry Wilmore

The Minority Report was created by and will be produced by Stewart's Busboy Productions with Stewart and Wilmore serving as executive on the show. The new series will center on a comedic take on the day's news. It will a panel of voices, and comedians.

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