Ex-Stripper Reveals What it Was Like Working With Channing Tatum

Ex-Stripper and friend to Channing Tatum (Magic Mike XXL), reveals what it was like working and stripping with Channing Tatum.

Magic Mike XXL hit theaters this Fourth of July weekend after filming for several weeks in Savannah, Georgia several months ago. The sequel didn't really pop in the box office like Chris Pratt's 'Jurassic World' but, it did manage to bring in a 96% female audience. As the Guardian points out, Magic Mike XXL "has been ruled out as a disappointment at the domestic box-office after grossing $28.7m over its first weekend, compared to the $39.1m opening of the original." Now, to add insult to injury, according to the Daily Mail, a man claims he is the real Magic Mike and he taught Channing Tatum everything he knows about stripping. In fact, he claims Channing Tatum dumped him as soon as Tatum started making millions.
Michael Sorrentino used to perform under the now world-famous stage name in clubs in Tampa, Florida, when he says he took Tatum, an 18-year-old college drop-out, under his wing.

'That thing was unreal,' said the 44-year-old of the success of the first movie. 'It really blew up.

'I got a bunch of letters from people saying, "I can't believe they are using your name". But since I was in jail, my hands were tied.

'When I was still out I had tried to reach out to him but never heard back. I guess he is now at a level where… who am I to him? I'm dead to him.'


Michael Sorrentino also reveals what it was like working with Channing Tatum.

'We would travel to several different clubs around Florida. There would be 5 or 6 of us in a truck, driving together. They were interesting times,' he said, chuckling.

'We got up to all kinds of things. On the way some of us would be talking about what show we would do, others would sleep, others would smoke pot.

'And after the shows some of the guys would pick up chicks… there were some wild parties. We would be drinking and closing the clubs down.'

Speaking of Channing, he added: 'He was no different than any of us. But I'm not going to put him down – you are who you hang around with.'

That's right Channing Tatum was just one of the guys.

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