Casting Director Caught in the Middle of the Las Vegas Cosmopolitan Shooting

Crime Scene

Las Vegas police revealed an armed man surrendered after a three-hour standoff on a two story bus that shut down the Las Vegas Strip on Saturday. According to the police, the man shot and killed one person and wounded another. But, caught in the middle of the shooting was Chris Bowe, a casting director that has worked several major commercials and the latest season of HBO's Ballers Heath Jarid Lacy, a friend of Bowe and fellow crew member, revealed on Facebook the entire ordeal.
So. Chris Bowe and myself are waiting at the cosmopolitan hotel for the Uber. Suddenly an undercover squad car drives up right next to me on the sidewalk. Two officers hop out. One has their gun drawn the other grabs some kind of rifle out of trunk. They run inside. Suddenly a large swarm of people runs out of the hotel and right towards us. Adrenaline strikes, I yell out "we gotta go!" I drop my luggage and take off. We notice that people are also running towards us. We turn around head back and cut through the fire department in the back of hotel. We head through a side street and run into one of the show ADs. He joins our crowd of 200+ escaping the side when we get word that more shots were fired. We call an Uber and it gets there and gets us off the strip just before they lock down the strip. At the airport now. Glad to have made it out safe. This actually happened.
Thankfully they were not physically injured.