The Amount of Money "Cash Me Ousside" Girl is Making is Crazy

Danielle Bregoli has recently went from an unknown 13-year-old Internet Internet celebrity. Following her appearance on Dr. Phil and her catchphrase "cash me ousside", she quickly taken over the Internet by storm. Her new found Internet fame has translated into some serious money for the teenager. In fact, this young girl is now commanding some hefty fees for public appearances. For example, for her appearance at the Rolling Loud Music Festival in Miami Bergoli will make more than $40,000 just for showing up. All she has to do is do a meet and greet closer pictures and probably repeat her catch phrase. Also, the festival will also give her 14th birthday party in which she would get paid to attend that as well as well as receive a portion of the percentage ticket sales. According to reports, she makes at least $30,000 per appearance. Also, a New York bar offered her $5000 for her appearance, and she laughed at the offer claiming she has so many offers she cannot even keep up with demand. In this new age of Kim Kardashian thing, it seems easy to become famous with a catchphrase and an Instagram page.

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