Entertainment NewsBret Easton Ellis to Direct 'Relapse' Starring Joseph Quinn

Bret Easton Ellis to Direct ‘Relapse’ Starring Joseph Quinn


Acclaimed author and scriptwriter, Bret Easton Ellis, is poised to make his directorial debut with “Relapse”, an upcoming thriller film. This Hollywood-based story revolves around two characters, a college student and a psychiatrist caught in a complex relationship. Joseph Quinn, known for his stellar performance in “Game of Thrones,” bags a starring role in this highly anticipated production.

Bret Easton Ellis: A Prolific Author Embraces Cinema

Bret Easton Ellis, the celebrated American author acclaimed for his literary works including “Less Than Zero” and “American Psycho”, is all set to take his first passionate step into directing a movie. Ellis, whose books often traverse the realities and obsessions of urban life, is set to translate his distinctive narratives to the silver screen. Although Ellis has been previously associated with movies as the inspirational source, “Relapse” will mark his maiden venture as a director.

“Relapse”: A Psychological Thriller

Taking Ellis’s knack for intense characterization and intricate storytelling to the cinematic platform, “Relapse” walks us through the tangled lives of a college freshman, Leo, and his psychiatrist, Dr. Alex. The movie is expected to delve deep into themes of relationship dynamics, mental health struggles, and societal pressures—elements often explored by Ellis in his literary work.

Star Power: Joseph Quinn

Adding star power to the movie is British actor Joseph Quinn, best known for his portrayal of Koner in the globally popular series “Game of Thrones”. This opportunity paves the way for Quinn to carve a niche for himself in Hollywood. In “Relapse”, a world where mental entanglements and emotional interplays define the plot, Quinn’s ability to deliver nuanced performances is eagerly anticipated.

Production Highlights

Production company, Vol.2 Films, a branch of New York-based film and television production company Untitled Entertainment, will produce Ellis’s directorial debut. Vol.2 owns a stellar track record of backing up exciting and innovative projects, ensuring the film has strong support.

Funding for the film will be spearheaded by Paris-based sales agency Charades and Film Constellation, a London-based company known for its dedication to developing distinctive cinema. With the financial backing of these industry giants, “Relapse” is positioned for success.

Charades will also be handling worldwide sales for the movie, guaranteeing its reach to global audiences. The company is geared up to introduce the film and Ellis’s venture at the upcoming European Film Market, an event that brings producers, distributors, and buyers from the international film industry together.

Earth-Shattering Announcement

The announcement that Ellis will be directing his first film stirred excitement within the global cinema industry. Many are intrigued to see how this literary talent will harness his storytelling genius on the big screen in the psychological thriller genre, an area he has an affinity for.

Quinn, too, has taken the spotlight, as film enthusiasts worldwide look forward to seeing how his acting prowess and classic Game of Thrones fame will translate to this complex, fresh character. His global recognition will undoubtedly reel in audiences to the theatres for “Relapse”.

Releasing Soon

As of now, the makers are gearing up for the production phase, though an official release date is not yet out. According to insiders, the movie may start rolling in early summer.

Getting ready to immerse into the world of Ellis’s directorial debut, the film industry and audiences worldwide eagerly anticipate the psychological thrills that “Relapse” promises to offer. The film no doubt promises to add new dimensions to Ellis’s repertoire, and a successful run will solidify his position as a multi-talented force in the world of global cinema. Furthermore, Quinn’s performance in such an ambitious project could potentially heat up his Hollywood career, paving the way for intriguing opportunities.

To Announce or Not to Announce

With the world keeping a close eye on Ellis’s debut, a major question lingers: When will the official date of release for “Relapse” be announced? As the world waits, the suspense only adds to the allure. This scenario perfectly encapsulates the essence of a Bret Easton Ellis creation—filled with anticipation and suspense. As the world of cinema waits for this literary genius to stretch his horizon to directing, one can only speculate about the journey that “Relapse” will take audiences on—a thrilling path through the chaos of human minds.

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