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How to Get Cast in Brad Pitt’s ‘APEX’: A High-Octane F1 Movie in the Making


Brad Pitt's upcoming , potentially titled ‘APEX', is revving up excitement in cinema and Formula 1 racing. Co-produced with , the movie promises to blend high-speed action with dramatic storytelling.

Key Takeaways:

  • ‘APEX' is a Formula 1-inspired movie co-produced by Brad Pitt and Lewis Hamilton.
  • Filming began at the British Grand Prix and continued in .
  • The film features a fictional F1 team, APXGP, with modified F2 cars.
  • Brad Pitt plays a retired racer, Sonny Hayes, alongside a -studded cast.
  • The movie is expected to release at the end of 2024.

Plot and Production Insights

The plot of ‘APEX' centers around Sonny Hayes (Brad Pitt), a retired F1 driver who left the series after a severe crash in the '90s. Years later, he is invited by a struggling F1 team owner (Javier Bardem) to join APXGP as a mentor to young phenom Joshua Pierce, played by Damson Idris. The story unfolds with Silverstone playing a significant role, hinting at a possible reenactment of the Verstappen vs Hamilton incident from 2021.

The Cast and Characters

Brad Pitt and Damson Idris lead the cast, with Javier Bardem playing the team owner. Other confirmed cast members include Tobias Menzies and Kerry Condon, while Lewis Hamilton serves as a producer and may appear in a cameo.

The APXGP Team and Cars

APXGP, the fictional eleventh team in the F1 grid, uses modified F2 cars adapted by Mercedes. These cars, adorned with sponsor stickers, will be driven by Pitt, Idris, and stunt . The production team was given a full garage and pit wall at Silverstone, allowing for authentic pit lane shots.

Filming Challenges and Locations

Filming began at the British Grand Prix and continued at various F1 rounds throughout the 2023 season. However, a 145-day strike midway through the campaign posed significant challenges. The production team aims to capture the essence of F1 racing, with Hamilton advising on camera positions and frame rates.

Directors, Writers, and

Directed by Joseph Kosinski, known for ‘Top Gun: Maverick', and produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, the film is expected to bring a fresh perspective to F1 movies. The involvement of Hamilton and Pitt as producers adds an authentic touch to the project.

Anticipation and Release

With no set release date yet, ‘APEX' is expected to premiere at the end of 2024 on Apple TV. The film's production, capturing the essence of F1 racing, is eagerly awaited by of both cinema and motorsport.


‘APEX' is shaping up to be a thrilling addition to the genre of sports , promising to bring the high-stakes world of Formula 1 racing to the big screen. With a star-studded cast, experienced production team, and the involvement of F1 legend Lewis Hamilton, the movie is set to be a must-watch for racing enthusiasts and moviegoers alike.

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