Did Bad Movie Review Help 'Suicide Squad'?

Box Office Suicide Squad - Did bad movie reviews help Suicide Squad?

Suicide Squad is on track to have a record breaking opening weekend even though critics didn't really like the movie, which begs the question - did bad movie reviews actually help Suicide Squad? The reviews for Suicide Squad ranged from bad to downright horrible, but all this bad press could have made fans interested in seeing the movie. It sounds like driving past a car accident. While you know what happened is horrible, you still drive slowly to see what happened. Apparently, that formula of success, whether if it's intentional or not, may have helped Suicide Squad. In fact, Suicide Squad made $20.5 million Thursday evening, which is the biggest August opening day of all time, and the 13th highest preview showing ever. The news is even better when you look at overseas markets, where the movie has made nearly $30 million over the course of two days. And again, this only the first couple of days. For whatever reason, people don't really care about the critical opinions of the movie and are just interested in seeing an interesting tentpole action flick. Are you planning on going to see Suicide Squad this weekend? Do you think the movie looks good despite the bad reviews? Or are you hoping that the movie reviews aren't as bad as everyone says that they are? Share your thoughts in the comments below. Via Variety and Deadline Related:

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