Aspiring Actor Drops Sexual Abuse Lawsuit Against X-Men Director

The lawsuit against X-Men director, Bryan Singer is Dismissed.

Michael Egan's lawsuit against X-Men director Bryan Singer was dismissed on Wednesday, because the plaintiff was unable to find a lawyer willing to take the case for him. According to reports, Egan's previous attorney, Jeff Herman quit in July after Michael Egan declined to take a settlement in the case. Michael Egan claimed David Singer sexually abused him when he was a minor. David Singer was one of many Hollywood executives and producers that were accused of sexually abusing the aspiring actor. Egan also filed charges against Garth Ancier, David Neuman and Gary Goddard as well. s_bukley / s_bukley /   According to the reports, Egan said that it "has little to do with the strength of (Singer's) defense, but rather, it is a consequence of the current circumstances regarding my case, my lack of legal counsel, and my inability to proceed in this matter acting on my own behalf."  

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