Arnold Schwarzenegger Hits New Low - "Sabotage" Flops in the Box Office

Arnold Schwarzenegger is having a bad week.

Although his huge arms are still there, Arnold Schwarzenegger's fans are no longer lining up to see him. The 66-year old former California governor's latest feature film, "Sabotage" was a huge failure at the box office this past weekend making just $5.3 million dollars in ticket sales in its opening weekend. This will mark the third straight opening weekend bomb for the actor who, in 23 movies he has starred in, has helped sell more than $1.5 billion in US tickets. However, many of those hits came from "Terminator" and "True Lies", which premiered ages ago. Not even an appearance by Schwarzenegger on WWE's "Raw" show days before "Sabotage" opened could help reach his target demographic. But, it is key to note that the movie got terrible reviews. Kyle Smith, in The Post, said the film “doesn’t make a lot of sense on any level.” Smith continued, “Eighty percent of the mayhem in the movie turns out to be based on a mistaken assumption,” Smith wrote. “The film’s script is so bankrupt of ideas and lacking in common sense that I couldn’t even tell you if the movie wants us to hate them or not,” said a review at However, all is not lost. Arnold will start filming a Terminator reboot, and a new Expendables sequel. Both movies are very big crowd pleasers. Did you see the movie? What did you think? Leave us a comment!

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