'Aquaman's Jason Momoa in Talks to Star in 'The Crow' Reboot

Jason Momoa in talks to star in The Crow reboot.

Aquaman's leading man Jason Momoa is currently in talks to star in the upcoming The Crow reboot, according to The Hollywood Reporter. According to reports, Game of Thrones' Jason Momoa will have the lead role in the upcoming The Crow movie, a movie that has been stuck in development hell for years. It was reported, several years ago, that Hollywood was interested in remaking The Crow. The original 1994, movie starred Bruce Lee’s son, Brandon Lee, who would later die after getting accidentally shot on set by a defective prop gun. The remake has been postponed several times but, production is scheduled to begin early next year. Over the past few years, the remake has seen a fairly high turnover rate for its directors and actors. Film reports British filmmaker Corin Hardy got the gig last year after three other directors had quit. “The Crow is happening,” Hardytold Entertainment Weekly. “I’m going to make it! We were making it, and it was going very well, until this Relativity situation occurred.” But, it is important to point out that many actors have quit the movie in the past few years. In fact, Bradley Cooper was once attached to star in The Crow. In addition to Bradley Cooper so was Channing Tatum, Tom Hiddleston, and James McAvoy. And now Jason Momoa is in talks to star in the new movie. Via THR Related: What do you think? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below.