AMC is bringing the Comic Book 'Preacher' to Television alongside Seth Rogen

AMC is going to try to strike comic book gold again by finally bringing the Garth Ennis/ Steve Dillon classic “Preacher” to television.

What is more interesting is the creative wheels behind the show's pilot is Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg. AMC Preacher Seth Rogen
“Preacher” has been out in the world of almost getting adapted for a while; it all started back in 1998 when Garth Ennis wrote a draft of a script and Kevin Smith tried to get Harvey Weinstein to make it. Along the way we’ve seen people like Rachel Talaly, DJ Caruso and Sam Mendes attached to direct.
In many ways, Preacher is a good fit for AMC, which hasn't shied away from violent stories or particularly bloody meditations on masculinity and the meaning of life. But Preacher is a hard-R comic in ways that go beyond gore, featuring incest, disfigurement, cannibalism, and bestiality, just to name of few of its less savory elements. Will AMC be able to deliver an uncensored Preacher to TV?

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