Entertainment NewsABC News and Univision Launch Fusion, a Network Geared Towards 'Millenials'

ABC News and Univision Launch Fusion, a Network Geared Towards ‘Millenials’


It was recently announced that ABC News and Univsion plan on releasing a new network for a age group.

Fusion network is the latest channel from ABC News and Univision aimed at a multi-ethnic

“We are non-scripted. We are going to talk about pop culture and current . Satire will play a big role. We are not going to get into fiction,” [Fusion CEO Isaac Lee] said recently.

“And we also start from a point where understanding the Hispanic audience that is completely under-served and growing in a dramatic way gives us a huge advantage in doing what we have to do. But all the projects that are focusing now on millennials are doing the right thing, because if you understand that Hispanics and millennials are the two most important demographic waves since the baby boom, you will see that the bet is right on,” he said.

So there you go. The gist of the whole thing, basically, is (a) that millenials are reaching the coveted 18-34 demo, but they are consuming differently — , HBO Go, etc. — so networks like this one are trying some new things to reach them.


Buzzfeed was one of the first groups to report on the upcoming channel and according to The Buzzfeed story goes on to say that Fusion has brought in a bunch of respected journalists, as well as a former Daily Show executive producer and head writer, who is creating two shows for the network. Also, there's this…

Mariana Atencio, a 29-year-old Venezuelan who worked in the investigations and documentary unit for Univision and will be a co- for The Morning Show said Fusion's own investigate unit, comprised of four and led by Peabody Award-winning journalist Mariana Van Zeller, will focus on hard-hitting investigations, allowing her to embrace the less serious stories on The Morning Show. […]

“We might bring up dinosaur erotica,” she said, referring to recent stories on the genre, which can be on Amazon. “We will go into the whole genre and read some lines from it.”

This channel seems very promising. But, “dinosaur erotica”? I we just have to wait and see how that pans out.

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