3 Shocking Things You Didn't See on the MTV VMAs

Here are Three Things You Probably Didn't See on the MTV VMAs

The VMAs were action packed. Between Beyonce's amazing performance to Miley Cyrus attempt to spread awareness about homeless people living in Los Angeles. TheWrap had an inside look into what was happening when the cameras were not rolling and here are the 3 most outrageous things that happened behind the scenes of the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards. BeyonceKnowles2014MTVVideoMusicAwardsIO5vnWa0nuyl_zps80bb0a76 The entire backstage was rumbling with excitement before Beyonce's final performance. Beyonce had a backstage party behind the scenes, prior to her Flawless performance.
Before Queen Bey hit the stage, the party had already started behind it. Dozens of dancers were hopping into the air, gyrating and laughing in the minutes leading to B's finale performance. Then, the lady of the hour arrived and she instantly joined her dancers in partying. As they partied, the crowd grew impatient. It began chanting her name.
2014 MTV Video Music Awards - Show Some people really hate Miley Cyrus. Several audience members booed the homeless guy Miley Cyrus had walk on stage.
So, Miley Cyrus decided to use her big Video of the Year award win to spread some information about homeless in L.A. What they didn't show on the West Coast airing was a pretty big group of morons began booing him, especially after he urged people to visit Cyrus's website to find out.
MTV Beyonce You thought the production assistants on set were cruel and mean from time to time. According to reports, the production assistant that was in charge of keeping the audience in the "pit" was a real jerk.
All those people in the pit that help bring energy to the show have to stand for the duration of the event. In many ways, they portray the perfect audience — dancing, singing, raising their swaying arms for slow songs. They deserve our respect, right? Well, the guy who has to direct this crowd when the stage is changing didn't show them much respect. The tone in which he spoke to the pit dancers pretty mean. Clearly, there's a danger when dealing with such a big group of people. Earlier, he had to slow them down from approaching the stage after a change and they rushed so fast that it looked like a stampede. He has to be careful. But, still, he barked orders at them as if they were completely dumb. He could have at least said please.
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