'19 Kids and Counting' Cancellation Costs Discovery $19 Million

Discovery Channel has to pay $19 million after canceling '19 Kids and Counting'

The Duggars are apparently broke and begging for donations, and now they have cost the Discovery channel millions. After canceling the show following the sexual misconduct allegations against Josh Duggar, Discovery was hit with "content impairment charges" that will cost the Discovery channel approximately $1 million per kid - $19 million in total. The cable network was also slapped with similar charges following the molestation scandal surrounding 'Here Comes Honey Boo-Boo.' From TheWrap:
Discovery took a pretty hefty loss when it lost the Duggar family: about $19 million, to be exact. On the company’s post-earnings conference call Wednesday morning, Chief Financial Officer Andrew Warren cited “higher restructuring and other charges this year of $19 million, primarily due to content impairment charges of canceling TLC’s “19 Kids & Counting.” The company’s total charges for the three-month period were actually $24 million; the $19 million figure Warren cited marked the difference between Q2 2014’s $5 million charge.
"19 Kids and Counting" was TLC's highest-rated and most watched show.