'19 Kids and Counting' Family Are Reportedly Broke and Seeking Donations

After the cancellation of TLC's '19 Kids and Counting,' the Duggar family lost a ton of money.

Estimates say the Duggar family will lose $25 million in future earnings, since the family made $45,000 per episode. However, this won't stop the family from having more kids. Josh Duggar, whose action's are the center of the family's molestation scandal, recently had his fourth child, a daughter. The Duggar family is struggling, and apparently they are gettind desperate. After all, according to studies and reports, it costs an estimated $245,000 to raise a single child and the Duggars do not allow their daughters to work, leaving an entire family struggling to make ends meet. OK! magazine discovered evidence that the family’s looking for a new funding source. On the Duggar Studios YouTube page, they asked for donations: The donation buttons have since disappeared and The Duggars want support to continue providing "fresh content," which could be why they haven't posted a video in two months.