Entertainment News15 Celebrities Who Were Once Homeless

15 Celebrities Who Were Once Homeless


Check out these 15 Famous People Who Have Been Homeless

On the road to success many people have to overcome huge obstacles before they make it. Check out some stars who found themseleves homeless on the way to making their Hollywood dreams come true.

These following 15 celebrities were once homeless before becoming successful!

cinemafestival / Shutterstock.com
cinemafestival / Shutterstock.com

#15. Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey lived in yellow VW van in various Canadian locations with older brother John Carrey, older sister Rita Carrey, and parents Percy Carrey and Kathleen Carrey/outdoor camping in a tent with his family in the backyard of the home of his older married sister, Patricia Carrey.

Halle Berry
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#14 Halle Berry

“ Halle Berry was homeless. Halle Berry slept at a shelter in NYC after her mom refused to send her money. ”

#13 Danny Bonaduce

Danny Bonaduce was living out of his car before starting his radio career.

#12 Drew Carey

Drew Carey was homeless at 18 and even attempted to commit suicide. When he was 18, he tried to move to California to be with his brother but for a period of time he was homeless, was selling his plasma for money, and lived off of Kraft dinner. He couldn’t afford anything to put in the Kraft dinner, he made it using only water.

#11 Charles Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin lived in the streets of London during his childhood after his father died and his mother suffered a mental breakdown

Daniel Craig
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#11 Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig moved to London without much money. He slept at friend’s houses and even slept on park benches while struggling to become an actor.

#10 Carmen Electra

After her boyfriend stole her entire savings, Carmen Electra was homeless in her early 20s living on the streets of Los Angeles.

Featureflash / Shutterstock.com
Featureflash / Shutterstock.com

#8 Kelsey Grammer

Before winning five Emmy Awards, Kelsey Grammer lived in the back of a theater in an outdoor camping tent behind his motorcycle.

#7 David Letterman

Before becoming the face of late-night television, David Letterman lived in a red 1973 Chevy pickup truck.

#6 Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil commented on his experience living homeless with his father. “I was homeless living in a car with my dad. We eventually got a room at the downtown YMCA for five bucks a week…”.

If Loving You is Wrong
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#5 Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry lived in a car, Geo Metro convertible in the mid 1990s in Atlanta, Georgia after his first theatrical play failed.

#4 Tupac Shakur

Before becoming the king of 1990’s hip hop, Tupac Shakur lived in several homeless shelters.

Sylvester Stallone
Featureflash / Shutterstock.com

#3 Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone lived in Port Authority bus station in New York City. “I was broke and basically sleeping in the Port Authority bus station for three weeks straight. I read in a trade paper about this film [The Party at Kitty and Studs”, 1970] that was paying $100 a day—for a $100 a day I would wreak havoc. Instead of doing something desperate, I worked for two days for $200 and got myself out of the bus station”

Hilary Swank
Everett Collection / Shutterstock.com

#2 Hilary Swank

Hilary Swank is the third youngest woman in history to win two Academy Awards but before gracing the movie screens she was lived in a car with her mom. Hilary Swank’s parents divorced when she was 13, leading her and her mother to decide to move to Los Angeles for her acting aspirations. They lived out of their car and booked auditions over payphones until they scraped enough money to get an apartment.


#1 Col. Sanders

The “Colonel” was homeless as a young boy when his mother remarried a cruel man, and then again in adulthood as he and his wife lived out of his car while trying to convince restauranteurs to buy his recipe for chicken.

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