Bryan Cranston's 1-Man MLB Show is Amazing [Video]

Bryan Cranston performans a one man MLB on TBS Postseason Show

Bryan Cranston delivers an amazing 1-man show about baseball that is so inspiring it should be true. After winning an Emmy for his role in "Breaking Bad," Bryan Cranston has stepped up to the plate to his next biggest role yet, a MLB commercial. In an apparent commercial for the MLB playoffs on TBS, Bryan Cranston delivers an amazing performance. This is so entertaining I would buy the VHS, DVD, and two Netflix subscriptions in order to watch this over and over again. Maybe I wouldn't go that far, but it is still entertaining. Bryan Cranston revealed he was inspired by the old cartoons featuring Bugs Bunny playing every position on the field. "Any actor who tells you that he's not inspired by Bugs Bunny is a liar, frankly. Or just a hack." The mockumentary goes on to show about every single person you would see at a baseball game. If you want to check out the performance that is better than 100 Derek Jeter speeches check out the video below: Related: