Bryan Cranston Says 'Breaking Bad' is Not Over [VIDEO]

Bryan Cranston discussed in an interview that 'Breaking Bad is not over'.

Bryan Cranston was recently talking about the final episode of Breaking Bad on Thursday, and he has some good news for 'Breaking Bad' fans.

Bryan Cranston said that the story of Walter White is only done when he says it's done.

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CNN's Ashleigh Banfield interviewed Cranston as a guest on Thursday, and at the ender of the interview she asked him to clarify the ending of the series finale.

Banfield: That final scene, that final image... I wasn't so sure that you died. I really wasn't. Your eyes were open, and I thought, 'What if the police just take him into custody, he gets better, breaks out, and just goes nuts?'

Cranston: Hey, you never saw bags zip up or anything, or anybody say... you know.

Check out the video below:

What is interesting is that Bryan Cranston was only interested in looking into productions that matched the quality of 'Breaking Bad'.

he explained that he almost passed on Godzilla because he was trying to hold any new script to the high standards that he experienced on Breaking Bad. Fortunately, one of his agents talked some sense into him and he ended up starring as Joe Brody. [Uproxx>

AMC's 'Breaking Bad' is now a television classic. 'Breaking Bad' center on Walter White played by Bryan Cranston a chemistry teacher turned Meth drug dealer after finding out he has cancer. Filming was set and produced in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The hit television series was created and produced by Vince Gilligan. Gilligan is now working on the spin-off/pre-quel to 'Breaking Bad', titled 'Better Call Saul'. Is it possible a sequel to 'Breaking Bad' will come out in the near future? Who knows, but the best part is Bryan Cranston has not given up on the character that changed his career. Discuss this story with fellow Project Casting fans on Facebook. On Twitter, follow us at @projectcasting. Photo Credit: AMC

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