[WATCH] Deleted 'Mrs. Doubtfire' Scenes Leak Online

Mrs. Doubtfire deleted scenes leak online and it's pretty depressing.

While most of us have not watched Mrs. Doubtfire in the past ten years, but when you think of the movie today, what comes to mind? A prequel for Tyler Perry's Madea? Sure, at the movie's core there are some serious issues going on, like how a divorce can destroy a family, but who remembers those details? Well, if these recently surfaced deleted scenes had been included, Mrs. Doubtfire might have been a significantly more depressing movie. In the first movie, Robin Williams' character Daniel shows up to his daughter's spelling bee, only to find out that some lady had taken the seat that his other kids had tried to save for him. Daniel then proceeds to get in an argument with his estranged wife Miranda in the middle of the spelling bee, causing his daughter to screw up on stage while she looks on at her parents fighting. There are other heartbreaking scenes. But, after watching this, it's pretty easy to understand why they went with more comical and outrageous scenes and not a version that would have put kids in therapy some day.

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