'We Play Dead' Acting Auditions Casting Call for TWO Lead Roles

The feature film 'We Play Dead' is currently holding online video auditions for two main roles in the upcoming movie.

The We Play Dead is holding online video auditions in the United States and Canada for the movie. Filming is set to begin in the fall of 2014 in Ontario, Canada from September to October. Casting directors are looking for Caucasian actors in their late teens to very early 20's. The actors must look young enough to play 17 years old. No experience is required but, this is a complex and artistically demanding lead role. "We Play Dead" will be produced by Susan Cavan and Robi Levi. Josh Levy will direct the feature film alongside Steve McCay. The movie centers on two best friends Curtis and Bernie. The two best friends decide to create a prank to fake their own deaths only to stumble into the home of a serial killer. As they run for their lives Curtis and Bernie transform into teenagers into men. But along the way they no longer become friends. "Think Stand By Me meets Rivers Edge." Here's the casting call break down:


Soulful, steady, the rock of his group. Not at all “pretty”, but a very handsome kid in an unselfconscious, working class way (Think River Phoenix in Stand By Me or Brad Renfro in The Client — but older obviously).

Curtis is tough, but just; he’s never mean, cruel or unfair. Boys like him; girls love him. A boy on the cusp of becoming a man. He’s intelligent, but street smart rather than book smart. Curtis gets by on his charm and likeability. Curtis has an unusually perceptive sense of people. He is sensitive to those around him, and good at managing personalities — even difficult personalities like that of his best friend Bernie. Still, there is the sense that no matter how naturally grounded Curtis might be, Bernie always threatens to pull him into trouble. Curtis is loyal, often to a fault when it comes to Bernie. Curtis has had a working class upbringing, raised by a caring but ineffectual mom and a dad who is often away working in another town. Instead of siblings he had Bernie…..


Bernie is not handsome necessarily, but you can’t take your eyes off him. He’s like a magic trick. Fascinating, ugly/beautiful, hypnotic and magnetic and upsetting. Bernie is unpredictable, a wild card, like a loaded gun in the hands of an idiot. You’re never sure what he might do from moment to moment, and it’s worrying. There’s just something “off” about him. Bernie is wild-eyed. He reacts emotionally to everything, without thinking. He is prone to violence and often a victim of his own rage and self-hatred – though he does not understand these things. He is grandiose, a fantasist, and sees himself at the center of events. But he’s also FUN. His fierceness and fearlessness are his best and also worst qualities. Style-wise, Bernie is a Skater with a Hip Hop edge. Bernie grew up in a troubled home, the child of raging alcoholics. His father took off one day and never came back. His older brother Dale became the man of the house. In his teens Dale was the king, the cool star of every party, but in recent years Dale has succumbed to alcoholism and drug addiction. Bernie worshipped Dale, emulated Dale among his own friends, and still loves Dale in spite of his problems. Bernie’s only real family is his lifelong friend Curtis. Curtis acts as Bernie’s tether to this world. Without Curtis, Bernie would be lost, or in jail or an institution, or maybe dead. Bernie senses that the world is conspiring to tear Curtis away from him, and soon. So Bernie is trying to hold on to Curtis even more tightly….. This is aggravating for Curtis because he still loves her and Bernie is treating her poorly. For his part, Bernie’s interest in Robin is mostly about Curtis……

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