We TV South of Hell Casting Call for a Flashback Scene

We TV South of Hell Casting Call for actors, models, and talent in Charleston, South Carolina.

Casting directors are looking for men and women ages 18 and older to be featured roles in an upcoming scene in We TV's 'South of Hell'. Producers are looking for new talent to work on this production. Filming will take place on December 16th and Wednesday, December 17th. To audition for a role, check out the casting call below:

We TV South of Hell Casting Call

UPDATE: FOR THIS ROLE IT IS A PERIOD PIECE, THINK GREAT DEPRESSION TIMES. ALSO WE WILL BE DOING WARDROBE FITTINGS FOR THIS ROLE AS THE CLOTHES WILL BE PERIOD.. WHEN I SAY THIS IS ONE OF THE COOLEST SCENES OF THE SERIES I AM NOT LYING! REALLY NEED NEW FACES FOR THIS ONE! CASTING CALL FOR DEC. TUESDAY 16TH & WEDNESDAY 17TH DATES SUBJECT TO CHANGE. WE MAY NEED SOME OR ALL PEOPLE BOTH DATES WE MAY NEED SOME PEOPLE ONLY 1 DAY PLEASE INDICATE WHICH DATE OR DATES YOU PREFER We are looking for people 18 years and older, mostly older people will be selected. I need many many men and women who have interesting/character looks. Are you extremely overweight, extremely tall and skinny, do you have a crazy long beard, can you look unkept? People who can act defeated and beat down by life. People who can act/look unhappy, people who have act/look as if they have no more pleasures out of life. People who can act/look like they are one or two steps away from loosing it all.. This scene and the look of this scene is the most important one of the episode.. so if you want to submit please send photos that reflect misfortune in your face and your appearance.. no happy shiny looking people for this part. NEW FACES ONLY! THIS IS SUCH AN IMPORTANT ROLE THAT I AM GIVING IT IT'S OWN EMAIL ADDRESS FOR SUBMISSIONS.. Please do not submit using the normal email address for South of Hell. PAY RATE IS $64/8 ***IF YOU DO NOT ANSWER EVERY QUESTION LISTED BELOW IN YOUR SUBMISSION, YOUR SUBMISSION WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.. To submit please Email [email protected] In the subject line please include your information "AGE/SEX/ETHNICITY/LOCATION" Please include a current head and body shot with the following info: FULL NAME AGE PHONE NUMBER LOCATION HEIGHT/WEIGHT SIZES/MEASUREMENTS VEHICLE COLOR/MAKE/MODEL DO YOU HAVE PREVIOUS EXTRA EXPERIENCE HAVE YOU WORK ON SOUTH OF HELL BEFORE, IF SO PLEASE INCLUDE SCENE/ROLE WHICH DATE OR DATES DO YOU PREFER: BOTH IF WE NEED FOR BOTH DATES ONLY TUES 16TH ONLY WED 17TH EITHER 1 BUT ONLY 1 WHAT IS YOUR AVAILABILITY TO COME IN FOR A WARDROBE FITTING

Please do not apply, if you are not local or if you do not fit the description.

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