Should You Follow Up with a Casting Director After an Audition? What to do After an Audition

Every actor wants to land the role after the first audition. But, often times you may not hear a call back for weeks to months at a time.

Here is a common question we receive:
After 20+ unsuccessful auditions, I'm trying to re-evaluate how I do auditions and to find places I can improve. I've never followed up on an audition (i.e. sending a thank-you email a few days after the audition), and I'm not sure if this is something I can improve. Does following up ever really help your chances at being cast/ called back? Where is the line between being friendly and unprofessional?
It never hurts to send a quick, polite thank-you, but based on our experience NEVER directly ask for feedback. If you have an agent, or manager than you may be able to get more information, but in the long run it is considered a big no-no and it is seen as disrepectful to the casting director. As far as the thank-yous, of course it is not like that will change their mind about not picking you for that specific part, but it may help enforce who you are in the casting director's mind for future projects. Also it demonstrates professionalism. Overall, Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston provides some of the best acting tips for any audition, perform your heart out and just let it go because at the end of the day there are so many other factors and reasons as to why you did not get the job.