Casting CallsSAG Low Budget Feature Film Casting Call for Several Lead Roles in...

SAG Low Budget Feature Film Casting Call for Several Lead Roles in New Orleans


Morgan Casting is excited to cast for DEVIL’S BRAKE!

Casting directors are currently casting for a SAG feature film, Devils Brake.

Feature film shooting will take place in New Orleans, LA in January 2014. But, casting directors will be holding auditions for roles in New Orleans, Louisiana and Los Angeles, California.

Still interested? See the following Casting Call information below for more details.

We are casting in both New Orleans, LA and Los Angeles, CA in the month of November/early Dec.

Feature Film
Modified Low Budget SAG

NOTE: For those shooting 7 days there is a one day break, so not 7 consecutive days.


1. [T.J.] Caucasian. Early twenties. Laid back, big brother guy in charge type, confident, and strong. Looking for good name/ up-and-coming.

2. [HOLLY] Caucasian. Early twenties. Control freak. Has to be the center of attention. Bossy and demanding. Beautiful. Spoiled.

3. [ROB] Caucasian. Early twenties. Smart ass hot headed type.

4. [JOSH] Caucasian. Early twenties. Smart ass quick witted type. Takes nothing seriously and just rolls along through it all.

5. [ELLE] Caucasian. Early twenties. Sweet, realistic. Calm. Thinks things through before acting.

6. [RACHAEL] White, early twenties. Shy, quiet, girl next door pretty, and a follower.
Synopsis of Film:


A failed horror writer, desperate and driven by the allure of fame and fortune, summons a demon from hell. The demon tells the writer 3 spellbinding tales of horror, the supernatural, creatures, and evil; tales that begin his transformation into the most famous horror writer of all time. For this individual story of three, six friends head out for a weekend at a lake camp in the swamps and bayous of Louisiana. Their plans are derailed when strange supernatural creatures intervene to cause a different fate for the group. As they fight for their lives to escape, night sets in and with it emerges another more gruesome evil as dead victims from the bayou begin clawing their way from the earth and swamp waters to converge onto helpless victims…

If you are interested, and would like to email us a photo and resume, please do!

[email protected] 

Please title your email as follows in the subject line:
“your name” for Cat# __ for Devil’s Brake

Be sure to include: 

  • 1. Name
  • 2. Age
  • 3. Representation if applicable + contact info for your agency / agent (phone and email please). If you are not represented, then let us know – “independent”
  • 4. City/State in which you reside
  • 5. send us a photo and resume as well.

Please ONLY email the address above created for this film and not our other email addresses. There is not need to email both, for we will consider those sent to [email protected] Thank you 🙂

Thanks so much!

Morgan Casting

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