Casting CallsSAG Feature Film Casting Call for Two Female Leads in Mississippi

SAG Feature Film Casting Call for Two Female Leads in Mississippi


Casting Directors are currently seeking female actors for a SAG feature film, filming in Central Mississippi.

Morgan Casting, the casting director from James Franco recent indie, “The Sound and The Fury” is currently seeking two female lead actors for a SAG feature film.

Still interested? See the following casting Call information below:

We are excited to cast locally/regionally for our two FEMALE LEADS for Cutter!

Cutter is a SAG feature film due to shoot in Central, MS spring/summer of 2014!



When Amanda and friends stumble across an old boat, they think they have found an ideal secluded party spot. Drinking too much and cranking up their music they have no idea that they are disturbing the boats violent sole occupant- a scarred figure with a painful past and a dark secret. Soon this mysterious violent man begins to pick off the unwelcome visitors and adds them to his macabre collection in the meat locker. Amanda thinks help is at hand with the arrival of another group on board but the newcomers have their own agenda and wont let anything get in their way.

Already cast:

Well-known British actor Jason Flemyng is going to play the title role in CUTTER!
Many of you will be familiar with his work from Benjamin Button, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, X-Men: First Class, Transporter 2, Deep Rising and a host of other excellent films. Also Crispian Belfrage has been cast for Abel.

Talent Specs:

1. Michelle – Caucasian. Late teens! She is to look like a high school senior.
An attractive blonde twenty something, Michelle is very much a privileged ‘Daddy’s girl’. She is clearly highly strung and views herself as superior to those around her, including her boyfriend Matt, proclaiming such statements as “I should be dating a lawyer or a doctor, someone who appreciates the finer things in life… like me” outright in front of him. Michelle is also rather moody and temperamental about the environment she is in if it is not up to her standard – such as the unkept trawler she discovers with Matt. Despite wanting to be seen as a princess, she likes to have fun and uses her sexuality to her advantage, teasing the men around her by wearing revealing clothing. Michelle relishes the attention and can be two-faced and bitchy in a passive-aggressive, competitive manner when it comes to other women, especially Amanda. Michelle is killed by a shotgun that backfires as she tries to defend herself against Cutter.

2. Summer: Open to all ethnic backgrounds that fit her look. See below. Late teens! She is to look like a high school senior.
Arriving on the back of her boyfriend Rod’s motorcycle, Summer is an exotic, dark skinned cheerleader type, with a voluptuous body, the two described as being the “perfectly matched couple” in terms of envious beauty. Like Michelle, Summer is scantily clad, choosing to wear clothes that accentuate her curves which generates lecherous looks from the small town folk. She gives the impression she is confident, can handle herself when it comes to spurning unwanted sexual advances from other men and of successfully calming her somewhat macho and aggressive boyfriend in volatile situations. However, she is not able to escape death at the hands of Cutter who violently drowns her in a barrel of viscous waste

If you live in the Southern/Central region of the US and would like to be considered for these roles, please email a photo and resume to [email protected] IF YOU ARE REPRESENTED, please allow your agent to suggest you for we have published a breakdown for the job. At the very least, let us know your agent/agency and their contact information.

Please title your email with “your name” for the role of “____” for Cutter.

Be sure to include:

  • 1. Name
  • 2. Age
  • 3. City/State in which you live
  • 4. Michelle or Summer?
  • 5. Contact number

Deadline for suggestions is Friday, Nov 8th at 5pm Central

Thank you!

Morgan Casting

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