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Calling all creatives: Join the team as a prop master for a major food brand commercial in Atlanta, GA.

Are you a creative visionary with a knack for bringing ideas to life? Do you have a passion for transforming concepts into reality? If you're nodding, we have an exciting opportunity for you! A significant food brand is looking for a talented Prop Master to be integral to their upcoming commercial production in Atlanta, GA.

The Role: Prop Master Extraordinaire

As a Prop Master, your role will be pivotal in shaping the visual narrative of this significant food brand's upcoming commercial. You'll be responsible for sourcing, creating, and managing all the props starring in this production. Here's what your journey in this role will look like:

  1. Collaborative Creativity: You'll join forces with the director and production designer to fully grasp the creative vision and requirements of the commercial. Your input and expertise will be essential in bringing their vision to life.
  2. Prop Sourcing & Creation: Your creativity will shine as you source or craft props that align perfectly with the commercial's creative direction. Whether finding the perfect vintage kitchen utensils or crafting delectable-looking food replicas, your creative prowess will be fully displayed.
  3. Budget Wizardry: Managing the prop budget will be crucial to your role. You'll ensure that every prop is accounted for and stays within financial limits, ensuring the production runs smoothly financially.
  4. On-Set Prop Maestro: When it's showtime, you'll master ceremonies for all things props. From transportation and setup to striking, you'll ensure every prop is in its rightful place, contributing to the commercial's success.
  5. Continuity Keeper: Maintaining continuity throughout the shoot is no small feat, but you'll handle it with finesse. Consistency is key; you'll ensure that props stay true to their original form throughout the production.
  6. Safety First: The safety and functionality of the props are paramount. You'll meticulously check that every prop is safe for use during production, ensuring the well-being of the entire team.

Requirements for the Role

To thrive in this role and help bring this major food brand's vision to life, you'll need to get the following to the table:

  • Proven Experience: You've got a track record as a Prop Master in the film or commercial industry, demonstrating your ability to handle props like a pro.
  • Production Savvy: You understand the production process and how props fit into the bigger picture.
  • Organization and Time Management: Your organizational skills are top-notch, and you can effortlessly manage your time, even under tight deadlines.
  • Creative Genius: Creativity flows through your veins, and you pay meticulous attention to detail.
  • Flexibility: You're ready to put in the hours and adapt to flexible schedules to ensure the commercial's success.
  • Strength and Stamina: Lifting and maneuvering heavy items? No problem for you!
  • Location: You're based in Atlanta, GA, or can easily commute there to be part of this exciting production.


Your talent and hard work will be rewarded with the following compensation:

  • Shooting Day: $500
  • Prep Day: $250

This is your chance to be part of a groundbreaking commercial for a major food brand, where your creativity and expertise as a Prop Master will be at the forefront. If you're up for the challenge and ready to make an impact, apply now and become a vital part of this unforgettable production!

Take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to showcase your prop mastery and help craft a visually stunning commercial for a major food brand. Join the team and let your creativity shine! Apply today!


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Prop Master

Job Description: We seek a creative and experienced Prop Master to join our production team for an upcoming commercial for a major food brand. The successful candidate will be responsible for sourcing, creating, and managing all props on set.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Collaborate with the director and production designer to understand the vision and requirements of the commercial.
  • Source or create props that align with the commercial's creative direction.
  • Manage the prop budget, ensuring all props are accounted for and within financial limits.
  • Supervise the transportation, setup, and striking of all props on set.
  • Maintain continuity, ensuring props are consistent throughout the shoot.
  • Ensure all props are safe and functional for use during production.


  • Proven experience as a Prop Master in the film or commercial industry.
  • Strong understanding of the production process and how props fit within it.
  • Excellent organizational and time-management skills.
  • Ability to work under pressure and meet tight deadlines.
  • Creativity and attention to detail.
  • Willingness to work long hours and flexible schedules.
  • Ability to lift and maneuver heavy items.
  • Based in or able to commute to Atlanta, GA.


  • Shooting Day: $500
  • Prep Day: $250

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