OWN Network's 'Tyler Perry's The Have and Have Nots' Casting Call for Extras to Work Tuesday in Atlanta

Casting directors and producers for OWN Network's 'The Have and The Have Nots' are currently looking for Extras to work various roles in the Television series.

Bill Marinella Casting posted a casting call seeking extras to work Monday in the Atlanta area.


MONDAY (HHN) NEEDS A CAUCASIAN (MALE) PIANO PLAYER-MUST HAVE A BLACK SUIT OR BLACK TUX... AGE: 35-50 1:30PM CALL TIME PLEASE SEND (3) WELL LIT PHOTOS, Name, number, location, age, race, gender, ht &wt Email: [email protected] Subject Line: PIANO Subject line: PIANO/M/C/45/5'9/180LBS SUBJECT LINE EXAMPLE:PIANO/GENDER/RACE/AGE/HT/WT EMAIL BOOKINGS GOING OUT IMMEDIATELY PLEASE READ VERY CAREFULLY BEFORE SUBMITTING... THIS POST IS FOR SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY FOR THE TIME OF THIS SHOOT... EARLY TUESDAY 26TH, MORNING SHOOT: 2:30AM-YES TUESDAY 26TH 2:30AM- ONLY A FEW HOURS... COMPENSATION DETAILS WILL BE DISCUSSED WITH SELECTED INDIVIDUALS FOR THE 2:30AM CALL... NEED MIDDLE AGED MEN AND WOMEN-ALL ETHNICITIES FOR THIS VERY SMALL SCENE... CORPORATE/BUSINESS ATTIRE AGES: 35-50- ALL ETNICITIES PLEASE SEND (3) WELL LIT PHOTOS, Name, number, location, age, race, gender, ht &wt Email: [email protected] Subject Line: HHN230 Subject line: HHN230/M/C/45/5'9/180LBS SUBJECT LINE EXAMPLE: HHN230/GENDER/RACE/AGE/HT/WT EMAIL BOOKINGS GOING OUT IMMEDIATELY ALSO NEEDS: CAUCASIAN-HOMELESS TYPES: TUESDAY 26TH @ 7:30AM (CAUCASIAN ONLY) MALE/FEMALE Email: [email protected] Subject Line: HHN730 Subject line: HHN730/M/C/45/5'9/180LBS SUBJECT LINE EXAMPLE: HHN730/GENDER/RACE/AGE/HT/WT EMAIL BOOKINGS GOING OUT IMMEDIATELY ALSO NEEDS: TUESDAY 26TH @10:00AM UPSCALE AFRICAN AMERICAN MALE- 45-65 YEARS OLD AFRICAN AMERICAN FEMALE -18 AND UP POSSIBLY SHORT/SMALL BUILD-(POSSIBLY LOOK LIKE A CHILD IN A DISTANCE) UPSCALE CAUCASIAN MALE AND FEMALE-50-65 YEARS OLD- A COUPLE WILL DO. Email: [email protected] Subject Line: HHN10AM Subject line: HHN10AM/M/C/45/5'9/180LBS SUBJECT LINE EXAMPLE: HHN10AM/GENDER/RACE/AGE/HT/WT EMAIL BOOKINGS GOING OUT IMMEDIATELY THESE SHOTS ARE ON A TIME CONSTRAINT, ONLY A FEW HOURS SHOOT...OTHER DETAILS WILL BE DISCUSSED WITH SELECTED INDIVIDUALS OF THE 2:30AM CALL TIME VERY SMALL SCENES: SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY PLEASE!!! SOCIAL MEDIA POLICY: Company policy requires that you keep secret all scripts, spoilers, plot twists, show outcomes and all other show information that is not public knowledge. Accordingly: DO NOT post "behind the scenes" photos or video where confidential or proprietary information could be revealed such as design of our sets or the identity of talent, guest actors, etc. DO NOT post any Company material (including scripts, show info, photos, video, etc.) whether published or unpublished. Online and other conduct that violates the Company's policies or these guidelines could subject you to disciplinary action up to and including termination, so please take these matters seriously

The show focuses on the dynamics between the affluent Cryer family and the impoverished family of Hanna, the housekeeper. Both families have many obstacles and many secrets. The series met with critical acclaim as one of the highest watched series on the new OWN Network.

Source: Bill Marinella Casting