Casting CallsOpen Casting Call for Disney's 'Jiminy' For Featured Background Roles

Open Casting Call for Disney’s ‘Jiminy’ For Featured Background Roles


At an exciting time in the entertainment industry, Santa Fe emerges as a promising location for fantastic opportunities for aspiring actors and actresses. Right now, there’s an extraordinary chance for locals to be part of a magnificent Disney production – ‘Jiminy’.

Disney’s ‘Jiminy’ Casting Santa Fe is now open, casting notable talents as featured background roles. This exhilarating opportunity enables you to create magic off-screen and translate your passion for acting to real on-screen representation – a fantastic gateway to a plethora of opportunities in the entertainment industry. Buzzing with anticipation, this opportune moment resonates among actors and actresses seeking to break into scholastic roles within a global network like Disney. Let’s delve into what the role entails, its responsibilities, requirements, and the compensation details.

Key Takeaways:

1. The casting call is facilitated by Disney, one of the world’s most prominent entertainment companies.
2. It is an open casting call conducted in Santa Fe for the production of ‘Jiminy’.
3. The casting primarily seeks talents for featured background roles.
4. Aspiring candidates must meet the prescribed requirements.
5. The call is not selective to any specific ethnicity or age group.
6. The job revolves around providing pivotal support to the primary cast, with significant scope for screen presence.

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Job Details:

Disney’s Santa Fe casting for ‘Jiminy’ is in search of men, women, and children of all ethnicities, ideally between the ages of 20 to 60 years. The casting aims to find distinguished talents, capable of filling up featured background roles for various scenes within the production. Essentially, these roles are non-speaking yet tremendously influential in creating the desired ambiance and context.

Job Responsibilities:

As a featured background artist, responsibilities typically extend beyond merely being on-set decor. They include:

1. Engaging in scenes, both involving main characters and standalone sequences.
2. Understanding and executing directors’ instructions while in character.
3. Maintaining professionalism during inaction and ensuring the rhythm of work is maintained.
4. Ensuring continuity in actions within multiple takes of the same scene.
5. Complying with the prescribed dress code and physical requirements necessary for the role.


Fulfilling the role’s requirements is prerequisite to consideration. These include:

1. Applicants should ideally be between the ages of 20 and 60.
2. Open to all ethnicities – reflecting the production’s commitment to diversity.
3. Having a flexible schedule to adapt to changes and extensions in shooting hours.
4. A professional demeanor and respect towards work ethics.
5. Capability to register emotional changes quickly, reflecting them in performances.

Compensation Details:

Background artists can usually expect a standard day rate for their services. However, actual compensation is disclosed to the selected individuals and may vary based on the role’s complexity, their screen time, and other production factors.

Disney’s Jiminy casting in Santa Fe stands as a fantastic opportunity for aspiring actors to step into the entertainment industry. Remember, each role, big or small, paves the way towards success in this dynamic industry. Therefore, it is now your chance to be part of a lasting legacy, contributing to a memorable cinematic experience with Disney!

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