Now Casting Talent for AIG Commercial

[Philadelphia> Casting Directors are now casting for an upcoming AIG commercial. They are seeking SAG-AFTRA actors and talent. The pay rate will be Union scale, travel, and per day expenses will be paid for. The interviews will begin September 9, 2012 and call backs will be completed one week later. But shooting will not occur until October 9, 10, or 11th.
Casting Breakdown
Email pix, resume & reel ASAP to [email protected] Subject line: AIG/ your role / name/ contact #/[ MEN ] 40-50 year old male. African American and Caucasian. Likable, approachable, attractive, fit but REAL.
[ MOM ] 28-35 years old. Caucasian or ethnically ambiguous. Fit and attractive, likable, warm. Please note if any women have toddlers (18-30 mos.)
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