Casting CallsNetflix's '3 Body Problem' Suffers From Low Viewership Despite High-Budget

Netflix’s ‘3 Body Problem’ Suffers From Low Viewership Despite High-Budget


Key Takeaways:

* With 15.6 million views, high-cost series “3 Body Problem” currently ranks at the top of Netflix’s Top 10 list.
* Comparison figures show Avatar: The Last Airbender opening with 21.2 million views, while The Gentlemen saw 12.2 million debut views rising to 20.1 million the next week.
* Possible plans for a multi-season arc for 3 Body Problem may concern Netflix due to the show’s significant budget.
* Creation of three seasons at the present budget, could cost Netflix nearly half a billion dollars.
* Judgements on the series have been generally positive, despite some critiques.

The Journey to Number One Spot

Netflix’s latest hit, “3 Body Problem”, has claimed the top rank in the platform’s Top 10 viewing list. Although it’s dominated the popular list with a respectable 15.6 million views, its huge production cost could ignite Netflix’s concerns about renewing the series.

The series cost reportedly runs at an astounding $20 million per episode. When compared to previous hits like “Avatar: The Last Airbender,” which debuted with 21.2 million views, and “The Gentlemen,” which rose from 12.2 to 20.1 million views within a week, “3 Body Problem” shows decent viewership numbers.

The Potential Complexities of Continuing the Series

Series creators David Benioff, D.B. Weiss, and Alexander Woo have hinted at multi-season prospects for this show. In a recent interview with GamesRader, Woo disclosed ideas for a second season and hopes to bring the trilogy to life eventually.

If the series gets extended to three seasons, Netflix could face production costs near half a billion dollars. This hefty figure is based on the current budget and doesn’t account for any potential increases in future.

Plethora of Reviewers opinions on the Show

The plotline of “3 Body Problem,” which brings a woman’s decision from 1960s China into a modern scientific mystery, has been widely appreciated. It has received generally favorable reviews from critics. However, not every reviewer shares this positive outlook.

Our reporter, Alex Maidy, noted his struggles with engagement for the series, recognizing it as a “misfire” despite some good performances.


The “3 Body Problem” series boasts massive production values and has experienced a strong response from viewers, claiming the leading spot on Netflix’s Top 10 list. However, with the substantial cost that production entails, its future seasons may hang in the balance. Regardless of such challenges, the show remains a heavyweight contender in Netflix’s current line-up.



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