Casting CallsNetflix Announces Star-Studded Cast for 'Fear Street: Prom Queen'

Netflix Announces Star-Studded Cast for ‘Fear Street: Prom Queen’


Key Takeaways:
– Fourth installment in Netflix's Fear Street series, titled ‘Prom Queen', has announced its cast featuring acknowledged artists like Katherine Waterston, Lili Taylor, and Chris Klein.
– The is based on R.L. Stine's 1992 bestselling book ‘The Prom Queen'.
– The film is directed by Matthew Palmer and scripted by Palmer and Donald McLeary.
– The storyline revolves around a deadly prom night at Shadyside High where prom queen candidates are faced with mysterious .

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Latest from the Fear Street Franchise

Building upon the success of the Fear Street trilogy, Netflix, along with director Leigh Janiak, is ready to dive back into the horror genre with another promising title, Fear Street: Prom Queen. The film, based on R.L. Stine's 1992 book, The Prom Queen, has confirmed its -studded cast led by Katherine Waterston, Lili Taylor, and Chris Klein.

An Intriguing Story

Fear Street: Prom Queen introduces us to a seemingly ordinary prom season at Shadyside High, where the feverish race for is underway among the school's It . However, a terrifying twist ensues when girls start disappearing mysteriously following the nomination of an outsider. With a deadly threat looming, the class of '88 finds itself embracing a horrific prom night.

Meet the Prom Queen's line-up

Netflix made the casting announcement via a report by . Alongside the distinguished Waterston, Taylor, and Klein, the ensemble cast includes Fowler, Suzanna Son, Fina Strazza, David Iacono, and Ella Rubin.

The Director and the Screenwriters

Matthew Palmer, known for his debut with the 2018 Netflix thriller Calibre, is steering the directorial reins for Fear Street: Prom Queen. Initially, Chloe Okuno, who directed the thriller Watcher, was supposed to direct the film but stepped down for unknown reasons. Palmer has also co-written the screenplay with Calibre cast member Donald McLeary.

The production of Fear Street: Prom Queen has propelled under the aegis of seasoned Peter Chernin, Jenno Topping, and Kori Adelson from Chernin Entertainment. Additionally, Yvonne Bernard, Joan Waricha, and Jane Stine serve as executive producers, with Caroline Pitofsky overseeing the production duties.


Netflix's Fear Street: Prom Queen seems poised to replicate the success of its predecessors with a gripping storyline and a noteworthy cast. With eagerly anticipating the latest from the Fear Street series, this promising movie seems set to keep the legacy and the horror alive. As the prom festivities at Shadyside High turn into a horrifying nightmare, viewers can certainly expect some nail-biting moments.

Engage with us in the comment section and share your thoughts on the announced cast and your expectations for Fear Street: Prom Queen.

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