NCIS Hawaii Season 3 Background Casting Call


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NCIS Hawaii Season 3 background casting call: A unique opportunity for aspiring actors and beach enthusiasts in Hawaii.

Are you ready to dip your toes into the world of television without the pressure of a leading role? The casting call for the highly anticipated Season 3 of "NCIS Hawaii" offers just that opportunity, and it's exciting! The show seeks individuals to fill background roles as hotel guests and beachgoers, vital to the show’s realistic and dynamic scenes.

As a background actor, one will bring life to the hotel and beach scenes. This involves acting as a hotel guest or a beachgoer, contributing to the overall ambiance of the scene. Participants will be expected to meticulously follow directions from the director or assistant director to ensure the scenes are as authentic as possible.

It's important to note that being on a set can mean long hours, including waiting times. Therefore, maintaining professionalism and patience is crucial. Participants will also be expected to wear attire appropriate for a hotel or beach setting as directed by the costume department, which may include their clothing suitable for these settings.

The call is open to non-union individuals available on December 11th and December 12th. While experience is not a requirement, the ability to follow directions and act naturally in a background setting is essential. The role is open to all ages, but a guardian must accompany minors. Since the filming will take place in a specific location, being local or able to travel there independently is a must.

This is a paid role, with specific rates to be disclosed upon selection. It's a fantastic chance for those who want to glimpse into the world of TV production or earn some extra money while enjoying the vibrant setting of "NCIS Hawaii."

Whether one is an aspiring actor seeking experience or just looking for a unique adventure, this casting call presents a rare opportunity to be part of a major television show. Not only does it offer the excitement of being on set, but it also provides the chance to see oneself on screen when the season airs. Don't miss this opportunity to be part of the magic of "NCIS Hawaii" Season 3!


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NCIS Hawaii Season 3 Background Casting Call

Job Details: We are excited to announce a casting call for Season 3 of "NCIS Hawaii." We are seeking individuals to play the roles of hotel guests and beachgoers. These are background roles essential for creating a realistic and engaging setting in our scenes.

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Act as a background hotel guest or beachgoer, contributing to the scene's ambiance.
  2. Follow directions from the director or assistant director to ensure scenes are as realistic as possible.
  3. Be prepared for potential long hours on set, including waiting times.
  4. Maintain professionalism and patience on set, understanding the nature of film production.
  5. Wear appropriate attire as the costume department directs, including personal clothing suitable for a hotel or beach setting.


  1. It must be non-union.
  2. Must be available on December 11th and 12th (actual working day may be one of these).
  3. Age: Open to all ages. A guardian must accompany minors.
  4. No experience is necessary, but you must be able to follow directions and act naturally in a background setting.
  5. Comfortable with potentially long periods of waiting or standing.
  6. You must be local to the filming location or able to travel to the location on your own.


  • This is a paid role. Specific rates will be disclosed upon selection.

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