NBC 'Chicago PD' Season 2 Casting Call for a TON of Roles in Chicago

NBC 'Chicago PD' Casting Call for actors, models, and talents in Chicago.

NBC's 'Chicago PD' is currently casting actors, models, and talent to work on scenes filming in Chicago, Illinois. NBC’s Chicago PD centers on the Intelligence team located at the District 21 of the Chicago Police department. This team fights the city’s major offenses including organized crime, drug trafficking, and high profile murders. Tail Sticks Casting is looking for extras to work on a restraunt scene filming on Saturday, September 13th and several scenes filming in Chicago starting Monday, September 15th through Wednesday, September 24th. To audition check out the casting call below:

NBC 'Chicago PD' Casting Call

Saturday Casting Call

For Saturday, September 13th We are looking for submissions from folks that have not been on the show yet! We have an upscale restaurant lunch scene and need some classy patrons! One lucky lady will also have the spot of being a "lunch date" (in the scene) of one of our reoccurring day players. 

If you haven't worked on the show as of this season and are free to film this SATURDAY, SEPT. 13th, please submit to [email protected] with "STEAKHOUSE" in the Subject Line. Attach recent photos of yourself:
  • Name:
  • Phone:
  • Email:
  • Age:
  • Height:
  • Weight:
  • Measurements/Shoe:

Monday, September 15th - Wednesday, September 24th Casting Calls

Moving right along now:
Episode 206 films: Monday, Sept. 15th - Wednesday, Sept. 24th

Please select the days that you have available to potentially work on the show.This is simply to indicate the days that are free in your schedule and that you MAY be interested to work on the show those days. *THIS IS NOT A GUARANTEE OF WORK ON THOSE DAYS. Nor does this mean you have to hold your availability for US and solely us. Do not stop your lives and do not turn down other jobs based on the fact that you submitted your availability to us. If we call to book you, we always call first to reconfirm your availability on stated days. WE DO NOT HOLD IT AGAINST YOU IF YOUR AVAILABILITY CHANGES (from what you have submitted)!!!!!! [This Availability Form is for General & Featured Background Talent ONLY! If you are a Real Police Officer, active/retired and in good standing, please contact us at [email protected] with "POLICE ROSTER" in the Subject Line. We will send out this form to our officers later tonight>

To apply click here

Do not apply, if you are not local or if you do not fit the description.

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