MTV Casting Call: Are You The Black Sheep of the Family?

Casting directors for MTV are currently looking for the black sheep in families. Do you stand out as the black sheep of your family? Do your parents still tell you how to live your life? Are you determined to hold strong no matter what they say?

If you answer yes to any of those questions, this opportunity may just be for you. MTV is currently seeking several young men and women for a new documentary TV series who feel estranged from their parents due to the unapologetic way they are living their lives.

From politics to religion, legal affairs to family affairs and everything in between, these are people who live their lives the way they choose, despite what their families may think. As a result, there is a lot of love there but also a rift and a lot of conflict.

This series will focus on several strong-minded individuals and the circle of friends who support them as they live life on their terms and won't let anyone or anything hold them back. This is your life, are you going to be told how to live it?!

MTV Show Casting Call and Audition Information

Email [email protected] with your name, contact info, a current photo and a brief description of what makes you unique.