Casting CallsMAJOR New HBO TV Series Open Casting Call in Atlanta

MAJOR New HBO TV Series Open Casting Call in Atlanta


HBO TV series casting call for actors, models, and talent in Atlanta, Georgia.

Southern BG Casting is now casting actors, models, and talent to work on a new HBO TV series filming in Atlanta, Georgia. Casting directors are looking for talent to work on scenes filming between June 22nd and July 10th in Barnesville, Georgia, which 60 miles South of Atlanta. Producers are looking for people that live close by. Talents will be compensated $75/8 plus a $20 gas bump. Casting directors are looking for jock types, cops, paramedics, townspeople, African American men and women, and other featured roles in Atlanta, Georgia.

Details surrounding the project have not been released. To audition for a role in the upcoming HBO TV series, check out the casting call breakdown below.

HBO TV Series Casting Call

NEW show Announcement:
This is a HBO show that will be filming here From June 22-July 10th. We are filming in Barnesville Ga. This is 60 miles South of Atlanta around 60 miles. So really looking for people that live close bye. Rate of pay is 75/8 +20 gas bump. If you are booked with a car will get 25 car bump.

We will also be doing fittings in Mcdonough.

This is similar to True Detectives. I am not able to say what it is or who is in it. Think small town USA. Very character driven looks. Mostly 90% Caucasian. Think dust bowl types but current day.

Here is what I am looking for:
3 Bulky Caucasian Male Jock types need to be 18-25 but look like you are in high school. very featured. Will be fit on 6/21 in Mcdonough BUT will work in Barnesville. Rate 75/8 +20 gas bump. Subject: Bulky Jock

Cops and Paramedics: Male ONLY Caucasian. Ages 25-45. NO visible tattoos. Must be conservative looking. Must fit these sizes they only have 7uniforms: If you have cop type shoes please let me know. Fit date 6/21 Mcdoungh BUT works in Barnesville. Work date 6/24 some will also work 6/26 Rate:75/8 +20 gas bump Subject: List by # below
#1:42R 16.5×33 36×30
#2 40L 15×35 32×32
#3 44 16×34 36×32
#4 44L 17.5×34 36×32
#5 44L 16×34 33×34
#6 44 17.5×34 36×32
#7 42R 16×33 35×34

Townspeople: ages 18-100 Caucasian only character looks very welcome. Will be fit 6/21 Mcdonough work dates varies. so need open availability. Also tell us what type of car you have year make model and color. we are also needing 1990’s cars must be in great shape. 75/8 +20 gas bump Subject: Townspeople and Townspeople with car

AA men and women. Really looking for great character faces very little with facial hair. NO current hair types.. 1990’s looks. Small town types. ages 30-80. NO visible tattoos. Also let me know what type of car you have with year make and model. Rate 75/8 +20 gas bump work date 6/26 Subject: Happy Folks

Civil war re-enactors. MEN only. work date TBD as well as rate. Only submit if you have the uniform. Subject: Civil War

1990 car/truck American made ONLY Must be 1999 or older. please post year make and model must be in great shape. Work date July 10th. Works in Barnesville. rate 75/8 +25 for car. Subject: 1990 car

Downscale cars /trucks any year. Work dates vary. Works in Barnesville. rate 75/8 + 20 gas bump + 25 car bump.

Down Syndrome boy and girl. Ages 5-15. Work date July 10th in Barnesville. Rate 120/8 Subject: Precious

I know there will be more.. but this is a great start. Please ONLY post if you fit the above looks and are ok with location.If you know people who live in that area please forward this info on to them.

Submit a current photo of yourself: with the subject in the subject line.
MEN: Height weight coat, shirt pant and shoe size
LADIES: Height and weight bust waist and hip size dress and pant size shoe size

Car year make model year and photo..

Also include the area you live in. and DO Not forget to include your phone number. Many of you forget to do this.

E-mail: [email protected]

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If you are not local and/or do not fit the description, do not apply

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