Major Campaign Casting Call for Dancers

dancers casting call

Calling all talented dancers: a significant campaign casting call in Philadelphia, PA.

Are you a professional dancer with a passion for precision and a flair for performance? This is your moment! An exciting opportunity awaits you on Wednesday, October 11th, in the vibrant city of Philadelphia. This major campaign seeks exceptionally skilled male and female dancers to bring their unique talents to the forefront.

The chosen dancers will be entrusted with breathing life into choreographed routines while infusing them with an electrifying blend of precision and flair. Under the expert guidance of the choreographer, they will collaborate seamlessly with fellow dancers to deliver performances that are not just synchronized but visually breathtaking.

Attendance at rehearsals is essential as dancers will play an active role in the creative process, adapting gracefully to any adjustments in choreography or performance as directed by the choreographer or director. This is a journey of collective creativity and individual excellence, where every move counts towards crafting a captivating visual narrative.

To be part of this exhilarating opportunity, candidates must possess:

  • Extensive Professional Experience: A solid portfolio of past work in professional dance is a must.
  • Versatility in Dance Styles: Proficiency in various dance styles, including contemporary, hip-hop, jazz, and ballet, will be invaluable.
  • Physical Prowess: Excellent physical fitness, agility, and coordination are paramount to executing seamless routines.
  • Quick Study: The ability to swiftly learn and adapt to new choreography will set candidates apart.
  • Team Player: Strong teamwork and communication skills are non-negotiable, ensuring a harmonious creative process.

Accessibility to Philadelphia: While not a strict requirement, preference will be given to candidates based in Pennsylvania with easy access to Philadelphia.

Rest assured, this opportunity is compensated. Further details regarding compensation will be discussed with the shortlisted candidates, offering a fair and rewarding experience for the selected dancers.

If you are a dancer with a passion for precision, an appetite for collaboration, and a flair for performance, seize this moment to be part of a significant campaign that promises to be a milestone in your career. Embrace the opportunity to showcase your talent on a grand stage in Philadelphia, and let your dance do the talking.

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How to apply?

Check out the casting call breakdown below to audition for a role in the upcoming casting call.

Prominent Campaign Casting Call for Dancers

Job Detail: We seek unique extras to participate in an exciting music video collaboration between a prominent hip-hop artist and a leading athletic brand. This is a fantastic opportunity to participate in a high-profile project combining music and fashion dynamically and creatively.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Collaborate with the production team to bring energy and style to the music video.
  • Follow directions from the director and production staff to ensure a smooth shoot.
  • Showcase your unique features and eccentricities confidently and expressively.
  • Engage with the concept and mood of the video to create a visually captivating experience.


  • Any gender
  • Any ethnicity
  • Ages 18 to 28
  • Must possess unique features and a distinctive, eccentric style.
  • Comfortable in a dynamic and creative environment.

Compensation Details:

  • Rate: $200 for 6-8 hours of work
  • Meals and refreshments are provided on set

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