'Lovers and Friends' Web Series Open Casting Call in Atlanta

A group of close-knit friends are navigating through life together, but everything is not what it seems as secrets, lies, and deception continue to creep within their private lives.

Character Breakdown: Nadia Turner – African-American female aged mid 20s; fraternal twin of Nigel; aspiring model and actress   Lyndsay Altman – Caucasian female aged mid 20s; daughter of Mayor Henry Altman; kind of a pampered princess   Maurice Youngblood – aged mid 20s male; any ethnicity; muscular, fit, obviously works out on a daily basis; one of Nigel's best friends   Anastasia Mackie – aged mid 20s; any ethnicity; Nigel's girlfriend   Craig Meadowbrook – African-American male aged mid 20s; lives his life in the closet as a gay man   Melanie Ellis – African-American female aged mid 20s; Nadia's best friend   Tyler Roberts – aged mid 20s male; any ethnicity; Nigel's best friend   Jamie Gilchrist –aged mid 20s male; any ethnicity; married to Sophia but has a life-shattering secret   Sophia Gilchrist –aged late 20s-early 30s female; any ethnicity; married to Jamie; pregnant   Christopher Meadowbrook – African-American male aged early to mid 20s; younger brother of Craig; married to Felicia   Felicia Meadowbrook –aged early 20s female; any ethnicity; wife of Christopher   Kara Daniels – mixed (African-American & Caucasian) female aged early 20s; good friend of Anastasia and becomes friends with Nadia, Sophia, and Melanie   Supporting Characters:   Mayor Henry Altman – Caucasian male aged early to mid 50s; Lyndsay's father; mayor of the city   Bishop Cedric Meadowbrook – African-American male aged late 40s to early 50s; father of Craig and Christopher; husband of Olivia; Pastor of New Life Christian Church; one of the biggest churches in the city   Lady Olivia Meadowbrook – African-American female aged mid to late 40s; mother of Craig and Christopher; wife of Bishop Cedric Meadowbrook; First lady of New Life Christian Church   Peter Altman – Caucasian male aged early 30s; Lyndsay's wayward brother   Bryan Harris – aged mid to late 20s male; any ethnicity; Craig's boyfriend   Please send resume, headshot and reel (if applicable) to [email protected]. It is impartive that your subject line read Your Name, Character You Are Auditioning For, Age. Once received you will get a follow up email to set up an audition time. If you have any ques