"Last Train to Memphis" Elvis Presley Lead Role Nationwide Open Casting Call

"Last Train to Memphis" is holding online auditions for lead roles in the 20th Century Fox biopic.

The feature film "Last Train to Memphis" is holding an online auditions for the lead role of a young Elvis Presley.  The movie's producers are seeking to fill the lead role with an actor who is around 18 years old to play the ages of 16 to 24 years old. The legendary rock star Mick Jagger and Victoria Pearman have teamed up to produce this new movie. Variety reports that the Oscar winner Kevin MacDonald from One Day in September will direct the Elvis Presley biopic and it will center on the legendary singer's rise to stardom during his early years in high school. Elvis Presley The movie is based on the award-winning, best seller by Guralnic, "Last Train to Memphis". Actors that are interested in auditioning for the lead role have until May 16th to submit. Filming is set to begin later this fall. "Last Train to Memphis" focuses on the years between Elvis's first, earth-shattering recordings and his meteoric rise to national prominence in 1956. These were years of revolutionary cultural turmoil, largely precipitated by Elvis's music. The screenplay recounts the story of his against-all-odds success due to his uncanny gift for self-invention, his unstoppable drive, and the new sound he created that changed the music world forever. Those wishing to apply for the  role will need to create a video audition. The video will have 3 parts, a monologue that you can download, a “slate” which is basically and intro and you will also have to sing an Elvis Presley song that was written before 1955.

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