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Disney’s ‘Jungle Cruise’ Starring Dwayne Johnson Movie Coming Soon


Dwayne Johnson is teaming up with Disney to create a movie based on a theme park ride.

According to reports, Dwayne Johnson is getting ready to star in Jungle Cruise, a new movie based on the classic ride. The team behind the Will Smith lack luster Focus movie will write the script.

The duo, John Requa and Glenn Ficarra, have worked on several including Focus and Crazy, Stupid, Love, however they will not direct this new movie.

Disney has been trying to create a movie version of the popular ride for the last 10 years, especially after the success of The  boosted Disney theme park attendance, , and merchandise.


The last time Disney tried to make this movie, Tom Hanks and were expected to star in the production.

Jungle Cruise is one of Disney's original rides and has a rich and vibrant history. The ride takes passengers through Africa and into the River fighting piranhas and headhunters.

While the Hanks and Tim Allen version of the movie would have been set in modern times, the new version featuring Dwayne Johnson will be set in the 1950s.

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The movie is still in early development phase. But, Johnson is excited to race down the river: “[Disney production president] Sean Bailey and Disney have been awesome partners and now the fun part begins … We're starting to put in the work with Requa and Ficarra and our creative team. Fired up about this one. Here we go.”

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Did we forget to mention that Dwayne Johnson's is on fire? Johnson is currently filming Central Intelligence alongside Kevin Hart and he will then shoot Baywatch with Zac Efron early next year. In addition, Dwayne Johnson will reteam up with San Andreas  Brad Peyton for a movie adaptation of the video game 


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