Casting CallsJumpstart Your Acting Career with Exciting Stand-In Job Opportunity

Jumpstart Your Acting Career with Exciting Stand-In Job Opportunity


Are you an aspiring actress in the Atlanta, Georgia area looking for your big break? Then this might be the chance you have been waiting for! Project Casting is thrilled to talk about the recent casting call for a Female Stand-In role for a major production company. This exciting opportunity will offer valuable professional acting experience and a chance to work in the ever-thriving Atlanta film industry.

Key Takeaways:

  • Exciting opportunity to venture into the acting industry,
  • Paid gig located in Atlanta, Georgia,
  • Casting call for a Female Stand-in role.

Unlocking New Possibilities: The Role

As the acting landscape continually evolves, being a stand-in has seen more demand than ever before. The responsibilities of a stand-in extend way beyond merely standing in front of a camera. Stand-ins play a critical role during the filming process, allowing the directors and cinematographers to set up the perfect angles, lighting, and camera focus. This behind-the-scenes role is about being the shadow of the main performer, which not only provides a rewarding experience but also opens the door for more prominent roles in the future.

The Job Details:

Delving into the specifics, this role particularly seeks a female stand-in with a height between 5’4 and 5’7 and with a dress size ranging from 0-4. This is a paid gig, making it not only a fantastic learning opportunity but also a chance for financial rewards. Experience is essential, so individuals with previous stand-in experience will be preferred. However, if you don’t have stand-in experience, don’t let that discourage you. The determination and passion for the job can often outweigh the necessity of experience.

Job Responsibilities:

The job calls for professionalism and punctuality, as you will be ensuring the smooth functioning of the shoot day by taking the actor’s place during the filming preparations. Your responsibilities will include aligning with the main actor’s body language, seating or standing in the necessary positions, and filling in for the main actor for lighting and camera rehearsal.


The potential candidate must be reliable and able to commit to the shooting schedule. Always adhering to the schedule and providing flexibility concerning timing and days is crucial. As the work environment is dynamic and ever-changing, the ability to adapt quickly and the willingness to take directions are indeed required attributes.


Although the actual payment details aren’t specified in the job listing, it emphasizes that this is a paid job. Usually, stand-in roles are compensated at an hourly or day rate depending on the time they are needed on set. It’s a fantastic opportunity to make money while gaining valuable experience in the film industry.

In Conclusion:

Breaking into the acting world can seem daunting. However, opportunities like this stand-in role provide an excellent stepping-stone, seamless entry, and rich learning experience in the industry. This role is less about being in the spotlight and more about understanding the nuances of filmmaking and inching your way toward your big dream. 

Remember, each one has a unique path towards achieving their goals. Perhaps, working as a stand-in could be the unique stepping-stone you need to leave a lasting impression on the directors and propel your acting career. Happy auditioning!

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Megan Diane
Megan Diane
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