Casting Calls“The Mysterious Tadpole”: Open Casting Call Announcement

“The Mysterious Tadpole”: Open Casting Call Announcement


Once again, the captivating world of film calls for fresh talent, this time for the enchanting project, “The Mysterious Tadpole.” As an appealing opportunity for aspiring actors, this short film open casting call presents an exciting opportunity.

Key Takeaways:

  • Open casting call for short film “The Mysterious Tadpole”
  • No acting experience is necessary
  • Seeking diverse characters from varied age and ethnic groups
  • Shooting commences in New York City, April 2023

Seize The Opportunity

This casting call is a golden opportunity knocking on the doors of both doll-faced girls and spritely young boys aged between 6-9. Also, diverse adults in their late 20s to early 30s are spotlighted for the unique characters in this thrilling narrative.

Engulf Yourself In The Narrative

The narrative of “The Mysterious Tadpole” unravels in a lively classroom setting. The short film brings to life the engrossing story of wonderful and uncanny events related to a mysterious tadpole. Its engaging plot becomes the perfect platform for actors to flaunt their prowess.

Open To All: No Experience Necessary

The best part about this casting call is its inclusivity. If you’ve held the notion of acting being a far-fetched dream due to a lack of experience, this is the right time to brush it aside. “The Mysterious Tadpole” welcomes fresh faces. All it needs is your enthusiasm and a positive outlook to give it a shot.

A Cultural Melting Pot

The portrayal of characters from different ethnic backgrounds is another thing that makes this project intriguing. This will enrich the artistic palette of the film, adding depth to its narrative fabric.

Launchpad for Talent

“The Mysterious Tadpole” can become the launchpad you need. The diversity of the cast guarantees it to be a stepping stone to an incredible acting voyage.

Job Details:

The shooting for this riveting short film does not commence until April 2023. Thus, there is ample cushion time to prep yourself for the auditions and subsequent shooting schedule. Keep in mind, that the shooting location will be in New York City.

Job Responsibilities:

As part of your role, you’ll be required to attend rehearsals, study scripts, and learn lines. You will need to embody the character you’re playing, and interact with fellow actors while improvising when necessary.


Effervescence, enthusiasm, and a passion for acting are the essential requirements for this casting call. Age and ethnicity requirements vary based on the character. An open mind to learning and stepping into other’s shoes is also much appreciated.


Although participation in this project won’t financially enrich you, it can be the gateway to a new horizon in your life. The exposure, experience, and skills you gain will be priceless, serving as invaluable assets for budding performers.

In conclusion, “The Mysterious Tadpole” presents a unique platform to showcase your acting panache. Its inclusivity and rich narrative should motivate aspiring actors to seize this opportunity. Unveil the actor within you and let your talent shine through the enchanting world of “The Mysterious Tadpole.” Remember, every great actor started somewhere, and there’s no better place than this incredible platform to kick-start your acting journey.”

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Megan Diane
Megan Diane
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