Casting Calls"Infinitely Polar Bear" Starring Zoe Saldana Casting Lead Roles

“Infinitely Polar Bear” Starring Zoe Saldana Casting Lead Roles


New England Casting Call

This opportunity is ONLY available to those in the New England Area. DO NOT SUBMIT if you are not located near or around New England. 

C.P. Casting is working on the low budget, independent feature film “Infinitely Polar Bear”, a powerful, moving and funny story of Cam Stuart (Mark Ruffalo), a man who suffers from manic depression, his wife Maggie Stuart (Zoe Saldana) , and their two bright and unique young daughters.

“Infinitely Polar Bear” will be the directorial debut of screenwriter Maya Forbes. The movie follows Mark Ruffalo, a bipolar man and his suffering wife (Zoe Saldana). When the husband goes off his meds, he finds his life falling apart along with his psychological condition. While he loses his job and his mind, his wife returns to work and then eventually leaves, leaving him to take care of his children by himself.

This film is produced by J.J. Abrams, who previously worked with Saldana on Star Trek, and will be directing the upcoming Star Wars sequel, and is financed by Megan Ellison, the executive producer of True Grit.

This movie will film in New England in April and May. This is a great opportunity to gain exposure, connections, and network with major individuals in the entertainment industry.


AMELIA STUART – (10-13) – Lead role. Biracial, to look like the daughter of Mark Ruffalo and Zoe Saldana.  She is a feisty bookworm.  Behind her tough-as-nails adult exterior hides a sensitive, intelligent young girl, always trying to figure out the adult world.  Can be multi-ethnic, mixed race, or of italian, latina, middle eastern or mediterranean heritage.

FAITH STUART (7-10)  –  Lead role.  Biracial, to look like the daughter of Mark Ruffalo and Zoe Saldana.  She is quick witted, vain, dramatic.  She loves to sing, dance, to dress up and look at herself in the mirror.  A cut-up.  Can be multi-ethnic, mixed race, or of italian, latina, middle eastern or mediterranean heritage.

THESE ARE LEAD ROLES that are also being auditioned in LA and NYC.  They are looking for very special, talented, intelligent girls with acting experience/training, who can interpret and memorize the heavy dialogue in this script.

Appropriate girls should submit a recent photo and resume to: [email protected]

Please do not email that address asking about extra work or other roles in this.

Image Courtesy  Marco Wiedmann
(Source: CP Casting)

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