In Love? Couple Casting Call for Upcoming Reality Series

CASTING ALERT! NATIONWIDE - CASTING MAJOR NETWORK SHOW. New Competition Show for COUPLES -- Big Cash Prize!!!  A Major Network is casting a fun, new competition series where pairs compete for various prizes; and one couple walks away the winner of a huge six-figure cash prize! We are looking for couples in various types of relationships: - Long Distance - On-and-Off Couples - Met online and have been calling or Skyping but haven't met yet - Unique Couples (ie. big age differences, opposite types, Divorced but still friendly, etc.) - On different pages (one is in love, one thinks it's more casual) - Ex's where one is trying to get back together - Etc,. etc., Tell us about YOUR relationship! Fun, light-hearted show, seeking outgoing personalities! If you have an interesting relationship; if you both are competitive, smart and adventurous; this fun new show is looking for you! Producers are currently conducting phone interviews with potential candidates. Please email ASAP to [email protected] with your: - Names - Ages (both must be 21+) - Contact information (phone number and email address) - Recent photos - A brief summary of your relationship and situation